You may not have had much choice regarding chairs in your office because somebody else ordered them in bulk for the entire office. Now, while working from home, you realize that you need proper furniture to help you work comfortably.

In this blog, we talk about getting an ideal and comfortable work from home chair that suits your body type and adapts to you.

Ergonomic chairs, in a nutshell, are essential for maintaining a healthy posture. They provide your back good support as you sit for long hours. They also come with various adjustability features in order to adapt to your body.  When it comes to comfort, you must check out the ergonomic features of the chairs available around you.

Examine the chair for ergonomic features of each of the following parts:

  1. The seat with adjustable height, depth and angle
  2. The backrest with adjustable lumbar support
  3. The armrest with adjustable width, height, removability, and comfortably padded material for your elbows
  4. Tilt tension lock for changing posture to leaning or sitting straight
  5. The headrest to relax your head from time to time
  6. 360 degree swivel

Durian’s ergonomic chairs provide the best of the comfort as per each of these parameters. However, there are 7 chairs you must check out for your work from home space.

These have something more than ergonomic features:

1.     Made in compliance with BIFMA standards

2.     Made as per the ergonomic design approved by All India Occupational Therapist Association 

3.     Mesh back for comfortable, sweat-free seating experience

4.     Options in high back and medium back

5.      Highly durable and of premium quality ensured by the various tests each chair has to go through

Let us look at 7 chairs that will make an ideal companion for your workspace at home:

  1. Artline – High back – Making your work hours easier: 
  2. Artline – Medium Back option:
  3. Nature – High back – Designed like the tree to support the curve of your back – a DIY chair:
  4. Nature – Medium back option:
  5. Marvel – High back – a DIY chair – Work in comfort all day:
  6. Jordon – High back – Making your all-day comfort and support a priority:
  7. Jordon – Medium back option: 

The 7 chairs listed here are super comfortable and super adjustable. They also come with an unbelievable 5 year warranty. 

You’ll find yourself sitting the right way without straining your back or neck. You’ll be able to avoid any repetitive stress injury caused by sitting for long hours on the wrong kind of chairs.

To get a specific recommendation for your needs, reach out to us. Which chair would you like to go for in order to upgrade your work from home space?