We understand that modern homes are incomplete without modular wardrobe solutions. Applying our expertise in great quality, smart design, and sophisticated aesthetics to adding comfort to modern homes, we bring to you modular wardrobes.

We delight you with 4 classic designs that will appeal to the lover of simplicity in you. 

1. The Good Old Brown

  • Shutter Finish: Pre Laminated Board
  • Colour: Classic Walnut
  • Door type: Swing open

Looks neat and clean. Great to touch. The linear pattern looks orderly and toned down. The classic walnut colour adds a warmth and an earthiness to your room.

2. The Simple and Dark Touch

  • Finish: Pre Laminated Board 
  • Colour: Denver Oak
  • Door type: Swing open

Openable doors have been a  hit among customers for a long  time now. No wonder, our range of wardrobes with openable doors is extensive. From colours to texture, we offer it all. This dark piece, coloured in Denver Oak, is most loved for its easy-to-maintain finish. It’s a simple piece that protects the exterior from getting stained.

3. The Magic of White

  • Shutter Finish: Pre Laminated Board 
  • Colour: Frosty White
  • Door: Swing open

White can look refreshing if the overall theme of your room is grey or brown. Since a wardrobe is the biggest piece of furniture in a room, you can use it to make a strong (or subtle) statement through the colour you choose. Believe it or not, white is preferred for its no-nonsense baggage and simplicity.

4. The Slide Open Experiment in Brown

  • Shutter Finish: Pre Laminated Board & Glass 
  • Colour: Omaha Cherry & Graphite Black

Wood and glass go really well in this classic mix of brown and black. You cannot go wrong with these two neutral colours because they fit into any kind of décor. The combination of these materials also looks harmonious in a bedroom – a touch of solidity with a bit of shine of the glass.

As we experiment with ideas and design to customize a piece to your taste and décor, we work towards developing timeless pieces too, as these 4 classic wardrobes designs show.

These pieces will appeal to you especially if you like your décor to be toned down. You’ve got to visit a Durian store near you to examine the interiors of these 4 designs, along with examining other pieces as well. 

Just as you can customize the design and looks of your wardrobe, you can also see what classic combinations give you a multipurpose module/carcass inside. To know more about wardrobe designs please visit www.durian.in 

Have an inspiration for a classic design? Share it with us and let us help you create your dream wardrobe – one that will hold everything you own and keep you organized while also staying subtle and sophisticated.