You want to give a makeover to your living room because as you spend more time at home you want your surroundings to look good, organized and arranged as per good taste. 

What stops most people from achieving what they want is that they see too many options. Moreover, not all people want to seek professional help to get something designed. After all, it’s your home and it should reflect your taste and not anybody else’s.

So where should you start? If you like modern design in interiors, you’ll like the suggestions for giving a spark of modern exuberance to your living room.

But first, a word about modern as a design and as a thought.

There are various styles of interior design. Modern is one of them. You’ll know you’re quite attracted to it if you get drawn to the following features in a space:

  • Simplicity
  • Functionality
  • Compactness
  • Easy to find and manage colours like black, beige, and brown

Luxury category just LOVES modern style. Though modern style is simple, it has unique ways of displaying grandeur. 

Yes, you could love the modern look with premium garnishing too. Check out the great ideas for your living room below to know about how to give a modern, opulent look to your living room.

1. A Premium Leather Sofa – Beige 

Good old leather is beautiful to touch and comfortable to sink into. Such a grand 3 seater will make your space look gorgeous. 


Sofas are for you and your visitors too. Sofas are for great family time together. By bringing in such a sofa you bring ways of accommodating everyone around you in exciting conversation. 

Beige goes with all kinds of decor. It’s subtle, it’s classy. Plus if there’s texture to the upholstery, it adds richness to the seating experience.

2. A Stylish Coffee Table

Coffee tables create a centre around the sofas in a living room. This table comes with a designer frame. It can also be added to a study corner too depending on where you want it the most.


3. A Rich Lounge Chair

You know it’s a rich lounge chair because once you sit on it, you sink into bliss. The unique design in this lounge chair comprises a seat with comfortable and beautiful cushioning. Wooden legs look stylish on the supple camel brown leatherette giving it an elegance. 

You can use it for reading, watching, or just lounging. It lets you create a quiet place in the corner of your space. The pristine shine adds to the modern richness you are looking for.

4. Home Office Chair

Work from home has made it miserable for everybody. An ergonomic chair adds to your work comfort to the home-office corner you have. 


Choose one that supports your back well and has adjustable height, armrests, headrest and backrest to suit the different ways you work in. You wouldn’t want to sit in the same position for very long.

Various things can contribute to making a home comfortable. If you have a liking for modern interiors, such ideas can be your starting point. Use the colours, materials, textures shown here as inspiration to create your own luxury den at home as per your understanding of colour and beauty and the role they play in making a home beautiful.