Recliner sofas belong to the family of sofas. They are distant cousins, cousins of the younger kind rather, and are inherently cool. Just like a Bob Marley or a Bappi Lahiri- wait, not Bappi Lahiri- that’s our Vintage Sofa… They are one of the best contemporary pieces of furniture that one can own.

Here are five reasons why you need the Durian Recliner:

  1. Your home will have a Goa like spot

Goa plans have a habit of getting cancelled. Life is hard and people let you down. They don’t want you to get the best of the beach and the hammock and everything else. But why worry, there’s the recliner that could come to your rescue. It’s hep to have- just like a Goa plan. Plus it works perfectly well in parties. To just pull out the recliner and laze around with your eyes closed…oh, what a feeling! So get your home it’s very own Goa spot!


  1. We’ll Have Your Back

Nowadays, we often hear stories about back problems. They don’t make the best of stories, really. The doctors pin the blame on wrong posture and you can’t say much because you haven’t studied medicine. The bright side is, our loungers will ensure that you enjoy the best of comfort and say goodbye to back issues.


  1. Best For F.R.I.E.N.D.S and family

Remember how Joey and Chandler loved just relaxing on their recliners in F.R.I.E.N.D.S. You should get yourself one and do the same with your best buds. Even families could get a nice spot to get together and watch their evening T.V. and have conversations with the guests.


  1. Your Post-Work Buddy

After a tiring day at work, all you want to do is come back home and unwind. You need your personal space. Maybe, you want to watch some T.V., or just have a chat with someone. And the recliner is one such place that is guaranteed to comfort you and allow you the space you need. So in a way, it is your post-work buddy!


  1. Jazz Up Your Home

The lounger is one such piece of furniture that raises the overall look and feel of the home.

The colours that come with it go well with most backgrounds, and will thereby uplift the aesthetic sense of your home. Most interior designers therefore recommend recliners.

All in all, a recliner is a must if you’re looking for a reason to relax and unwind. A comfortable spot that you can call your very own, at home.

So go ahead, and get yourself that recliner!