The call that you’ve been waiting for was made and now you’re anxious. The moment you’ve been waiting for is finally here. You finally get to see what your furniture will look like.

These are a few nifty tips to keep in mind when your furniture arrives

  1. Keep your papers handy.

Ensure that all your order mail is on hand. A simple snapshot of your order will do.



  1. Observe the assembly.

Watch your furniture being unboxed and take joy as your product gets assembled. That new furniture smell…


  1. Check the furniture.

Once the furniture has been assembled check from scratches, stains and other defects. Just make sure there aren’t any.



  1. Solve your queries.

Talk to the technician about any queries you have for usage and functionality. Get to know your furniture the way we know it.


  1. Get your warranty.

Once your furniture is all set get your warranty stamped. Take care of your furniture so it can take care of you.