Beds are not a straightforward category of furniture at all. There are at least 5 types of new beds that speak differently to different types of décor and different ranges of budget. 

When in search of a bed for the bedroom, you’ve got to be very mindful about the ambience in your bedroom and the space you have. 

Bedrooms make for the most cozy and intimate place in the house. We all love to snuggle up on our beds and relax after a tiring day.

Be it laying on the bed and scrolling through our smartphones, reading a book or binge-watching shows, we take to the bed immediately. 

Reading book on Bed

Adding utility components to the bedrooms are the bedroom accessories like stands, drawers and wardrobes.

Let’s dig into different types of beds and how they enhance your décor as well as make the best use of space available to you.

1. Day beds

Traditionally called the ‘divans’ or even the ‘settees’, these day beds are used a sofas for entertaining guests. These are like low-lying sofas to help you relax and crash if you feel like. Most of these day beds tend to have storage options.

2. Sofa cum Beds


Modern homes need compact solutions. Sofa cum beds are one such solution for sleep and entertainment of visitors and guests. They look very elegant as sofas and when required, they can be turned into beds to you to sleep in. They do not interfere with your movements during the day when the sofa is folded back.

3. Single Beds 

Single beds are just perfect for single persons to crash in. These are ideal for people who stay alone or are living in a temporary set up. Single beds are also an easier option to be clubbed with more single beds to be turned into double beds and even moved around to make minor adjustments to the floor plan when needed.

4. Double Beds – Queen Size Beds


Queen size beds are perfect for two persons. They are in fact the most popular size of beds. You’ll find the greatest amount of variety in mattresses and bed sheets are available for the queen size beds.

5. Double Beds – King Size Beds

King size beds are for sleep luxury. They are also perfect for couples with new born babies. Because they provide enhanced space, they let you enjoy luxurious sleep.

The type of bed you choose for your bedroom should not just be defined by the standard option available out there – that is, the queen size bed. If you have more space, go for the king size bed. If you are constrained for space, a sofa cum bed is your best option. 

So what kind of bed do your décor and budget ask for?