We tend to spend a greater part of our lives in our offices. 5 days a week, 8 hours daily. And that makes it very important for offices to have the right sort of decor, since environment matters when it comes to productivity. Everything, from the colour of the walls to whether ergonomic chairs are being used, plays a huge role in the shaping of a happy and healthy workspace. In the points below we shall be offering tips as to how you can enhance your workspace by making the right choices.

  • Always go for comfort:

Comfort should be king. If the looks compliment a certain chair or lounge sofa’s comfortability, then well and good. But otherwise, comfort should be the exact place where you draw the, well, dotted line… Here’s a nice, comfortable lounge sofa- Emily, by Durian. Such office furniture work well in any setup. emily

  • Seating is Important:

Back-problems are on the rise mainly because of poor seating arrangements in offices. To look for seating options- chairs specifically, equipped with ergonomic facilities to support your spine, is an absolute must in the day’s age. Durian has a fine range of stylish workspace chairs with the right kind of ergonomic support. You should definitely check it out.

  • Choose Colours Carefully:
    As you may know, certain colours are known to invoke certain moods. Black has a sense of regality, but may appear distant, whereas green is ever-friendly and serene. The use of colour has a subconscious response which in turn can determine the  overall productivity in any given workspace. One way to mix-it-up is to go with contrast. The right match of bright and dark, light and shadow has been a hit among workspaces, and it should do well for you too.choose-colours-carefully
  • Layout Matters:

Layout is important in any office because, knowing layout enables the designer to provide fluidity and proper spacing. We should be careful about pushing up any furniture towards the walls, since it exposes a great part of the workspace, making it appear all empty. So the right kind of spacing is definitely something that we must keep in mind while decorating our office.


  • Get The Right Storage Units:

Storage Units help to fill out the workspace and admirably so. They look elegant, just as this fine Durian storage unit and are extremely functional too. When matched with the wall, and if a show-piece or two is perched on top of it, your storage unit will absolutely elevate the overall grandeur of your office space. Also, you can showcase your company’s awards in there!

 If you go on to implement some of these suggestions you will get to experience a spurt  in productivity too! Also, remember to stay true to your own personality and style,when it comes to deciding office decor and furniture. On this note, we’ll sign off and hope that you have a great professional year ahead.