Just as you upgrade yourself by learning better time management, or by giving yourself a makeover, your home too needs your attention. In recent times, you may have found yourself spending a lot of time at home. Let’s help you take a look at it more closely so that you can find inspiration for all sorts of things you need to restyle your home bit by bit.

There are many web series out there that can give you great ideas for all aspects of home decor or home improvement, as they call it: designing a colour theme for your home, furnishing your home correctly and beautifully, arranging your furniture, maximising the space you have, and so on.

These 5 web series we list here stand out for the expertise they share and the variety they suggest.

You’ll be stunned by the designs as they take shape in each episode. Here you go.

1. Dream Home Makeover Series: 2 Seasons, 6 Episodes per season

Poster of Dream Home Makeover Series

This is a top rated show. You’ll find the couple Shea and Syd McGee transforming their clients’ homes. You get to see the before and the after versions of the home improvement. And there’s lots to learn about colour and layout and more. Check out the trailer here!

2. Interior Design masters: 1 Seasons, 8 Episodes

Poster of Interior Design masters

Originally a BBC show, this is a great show about different interior designers focusing on a challenge to redo a space given to them. You’ll learn a lot from the way they reimagine a space. Watch the trailer here!

3. Grand Designs:  15 Seasons, 210  Episodes

Poster of Grand Designs

Sweet homes! “They are a nightmare to build but a dream to live in.” In this show, you’ll find the host Keven McCloud meeting people who redesign their home all on their own! You’ll see their struggles and the lessons they learn. And you’ll be impressed by the homes they create at the end. Watch one of the trailers here!

4. Stay here: 1 Seasons, 8  Episodes

Poster of Stay Here

The blurb about the show says it all: “Designer Genevieve Gorder and real estate expert Peter Lorimer show property owners How to turn their short term rentals into money making showstoppers.” While you may not want to give your home on rent, the makeover ideas in the show are amazing. Here’s the trailer!

5. Amazing Interiors: 1 Seasons, 12 Episodes

Poster of Amazing Interiors

“Ordinary on the outside, extraordinary on the inside” – that’s how the series is defined. You’ll be amazed at what you can do inside your space. Watch the trailer here!

All these shows are available on Netflix. You might be able to watch a few teasers on YouTube too.

But here’s the catch. Watch them slowly. These are not ideal for binge-watching. Take it one episode, one insight, one lesson at a time so that you understand how it all adds up and applies to your home bit by bit.

Have you already found yourself inspired by one of the episodes you’ve already watched? Get in touch with us – we can bring it alive for you!