Winter is almost here and so is the need to organize your winter wardrobe. Things can get pretty overwhelming if you don’t manage the wardrobe well. Right from making necessary repairs to decluttering the wardrobe by disposing of worn-out clothes, here’s a list of 7 hacks curated for organizing your winter wardrobe like a pro! 


  • Do away with your summer clothes

Let go of your summer clothes and usher in the winters with the comfortable and warm apparels. Make space for the heavy jackets and sweaters by putting the other clothes in a space that’s not accessed frequently. If there’s no space in the wardrobe, put the summer clothes in labeled bins and place them in the attic or the storage room.

  • Sort the clothes in categories

In order to avoid cluttering, categorise your wardrobe by types, colors and sizes of the apparel. Place similar types of clothes with the relevant category. For instance, pants with pants, sweaters with sweaters, and so on. Arrange your closet by color and length of clothes to enhance the visual appeal of the wardrobe.

  • Use hooks, shelves and racks

winter wardrobe

In case there’s space crunch in the wardrobe, you can install hooks and racks to organize your clothes. You can use shelves too for storing different types of clothes in a systematic manner. Hooks can help you organize your ties, belts or scarves while racks can help you place purses, bags and such other items.

  • Fold them up

Arranging your sweaters and knit clothes can be challenging. You can’t hang them because they’ll end up losing shape. You could either add open bins to your shelves or fold the knitwear in half and put it over a hanger. Ensure you don’t make a big pile of the folded clothes; it would end up looking messy.

  • Store boots carefully

The shape of your boots needs to be intact for the classy look. Any folds or dents would make it look really bad. So, ensure you have sufficient space for keeping your boots. Ensure that you don’t store your winter shoes/boots close to the clothes, the clothes could get dirty.

  • Repair items or dispose them

Take time out to mend your winter items and if you know you’ll never use them, let them go. There’s no point piling up the clutter with no intention of using it. Make room for other things, or even leave some breathing space so that you don’t get stressed by the mere sight of your wardrobe.

  • Light up dim areas

winter wardrobe

There are some dim areas in the wardrobe which don’t allow you to get a clear view of the clothes or the colors. Add some lighting into the wardrobe so that everything is visible and can be organized well within sight. Make sure you clean up the space regularly to avoid dust settling on the clothes.