Moving into a new home or designing it afresh? Wanna make creative use of your new furniture or create a new look with your old one? The trickiest part would be arranging the furniture to make it generate a sense of order and harmony. These 7 ideas would be able to help you redesign your home or any given room like a professional interior expert!

1. Keep it decluttered
No matter how compact your space, there should be enough room for you to move around. Whatever you do, don’t dump all your furniture together.

In fact, don’t even push your furniture against the wall. Maintaining distance among the furniture pieces as well as the between the walls and the furniture will let your room feel airier.

You’ll be able to walk around freely and find yourself at peace too. Leave plenty of space for walking in and out comfortably. Your coffee table should be at an arm’s length from the sofa.


2. Start with defining the Center of your room
If it’s a living room, start with fixing the position of your entertainment unit. Then plan around it by making space for your sofa and Center table. If it’s your bedroom, start with the bed. After that comes your wardrobe and night stand. Even a window with a great view can be the “center” of your room.

3. Choose furniture as per the dimensions of your room
Go for a grand-looking sofa if you have the space. In a compact room, on the other hand, oversized furniture doesn’t sit well. You’d end up bumping your toes into the furniture as you walk around.

Just as you carry any inspiring, interesting piece as references when you go furniture shopping, remember to carry the dimensions of your room too. Your center table should be as high as the seat of your sofa. Go for a painting that is well proportioned to your furniture.


4. Think why before thinking what
Function or purpose of a room comes before style. Always. Think about why you need a particular room, and why you are going for certain kinds of furniture.

You’ll not be able to settle any arrangement in your room if you don’t put any thought into it because without a purpose, all kinds of interior design fall flat.

5. Arrange your seating space to enable chitchat
A living space is meant for people. And people thrive in relationships, companionship, and conversation. Design your seating space to help people come closer and talk comfortably.


Larger rooms can have more seating-oriented spaces and smaller rooms can have something as simple as two sleek chairs around a small coffee table.

6. Think harmony
Do not think of design and simplicity as arranging things according to their size accordingly. Putting heavy objects together and likewise with light objects might make the room look very odd and out of balance. Experiment with the layout to create a balance you like.

7. Use textiles creatively
Use rugs to add color or balance the colors in your room. Rugs help you define the space in a room very well. They look great especially in compact rooms.

Follow these 7 steps and you would have the satisfaction of designing your home all by yourself and nurturing each of its corners through a vision you have. All this without necessarily having to hire a professional!

Have you come across any interesting inspiration or ideas for rearranging furniture in a home? Share your ideas in the comments below.
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