Homes in India display a unique blend of contemporary looks with Indian ethos. That’s why you’ll find Main Door with sacred symbols and traditional art. In this blog, we share creative possibilities with your front doors. You can use these to carry as inspirations for your own door when you decide to book one!

1. Motifs from traditional art

Security doors can carry motifs from traditional Indian art (like Warli art or floral motifs) on the metal grill. The grill lets you see who has come to visit but the filter these designs produce looks simply beautiful as you peep out.

2. Tweaks to panel and flush doors

Striped panels on the door makes it look simple yet ornamental. Similarly, you can also add an appearance of bricks on the door. The point is to create the patterns you desire on the door so that the flat surfaces looks textured.

3. Flamboyant handles

Doors can also have Indian ornamental motifs on the handles so that they look stunning. You can have curved handles or lavish handles with lines horizontally and vertically arranged.

Brown colored Veneer door with flamboyant handle

4.Gold embellishments

Gold embellishments on the surface of the door are a great design to boast. They look beautifully antique on a modern door.

5. Wood and glass combo

The wood and glass combo is an ideal solution for creative design. The glass can be designed to make any vision or pattern possible. You can use glass anywhere on the door. If you keep at the top, you’d be able to maintain privacy but at the same time enjoy beautiful light fall into your space.

The Vaastu plus point of having this combo is that you allow the sunlight to enter into your home via your front door. It’s considered to be auspicious. You can also have glass panels as separate units on the two sides of the door if you can manage to broaden the entryway.

6. Veneer motifs

Veneer can bring magic alive on your door. Since no two veneers are alike, you end up having a unique door with a unique look. For example, the herringbone motif is a beautiful ornament motif that makes an enchanting impression on whoever takes a look.

7. Designs in grill doors

You don’t have to go for similar looking plain grill doors as security doors. You can ask for different patterns and colours for the grill so that it matches your taste and becomes the right point of entry into your decor.

Security grilled brown and gold colored door

8. South Indian craftsmanship

Doors from South India come with intricate woodwork. These look really decorous. If you love the work done with the help of traditional craftsmanship, you’re going to adore these doors!

You’ll find plenty of examples for each of these patterns online – especially on Pinterest. Choose designs that appeal to you the most and talk to our team at the Durian Experience Centre near you. We can further recommend the doors that come closest to your inspiration.