While the Make in India initiative has seen considerable interest and activity, both domestic and international, it can be immensely helped by another initiative – Buy Indian, Buy Swadeshi. Durian Industries Pvt Ltd takes the initiative to invite businesses in India and the international community – manufacturers, businesses, brands – to buy from India.

The diversity of India’s industry – from handicrafts to IT – is well known and highly sought after. What if all of this could be extended to help the home-grown brands grow instead of going in search of imported goods?

Buying from Indian brands gives you many advantages: you get better quality and prices, along with enjoying the legacy of Indian craftsmanship and its work ethic. You also get top-notch service.

A man is working in the Durian Factory

Durian’s call to buy from India would be shallow talk without a discussion of how the initiative can unfold. The success of a call as grand as this one is predicated on international participation. But here are my first thoughts. If you are looking for greater optimisation of resources:

  1. Begin with exploring the native brands in the sector.
  2. Examine the quality and prices. Compare these with what you have already been offering.
  3. Initiate discussions around customisations and specifications. We at Durian can assure you of such possibilities in furniture but we are sure it’s possible in every product category.

Durian is a thought leader when it comes to designing and delivering furniture in India. Going by what we have been observing about furniture in international markets, we have been doing a wonderful job in terms of quality and prices too.

People are working in the durian factory

We at Durian hereby raise a call for the businesses in India to buy from India-made goods. We are talking about the confidence that India has won by already delivering quality across industries. You need not boast about foreign made goods to your customers. Trust us, India-made goods are genuinely desired by the international markets too.

We urge all businesses and brands in India to put forth their suggestions, ideas, and proposals to deserve the attention of the international community too. Come forward and talk about your international projects – both last and ongoing. Bring forth your case studies to an open forum. If you have never ventured out of India, chalk out your plan for the scale now. Yes, now.

We also urge the custodians of international projects to ask better questions of Indian manufacturers. Ask for details. Ask for plans. Ask for prices, customisations, delivery schedules. Ask for the sun and the moon too. You may not have really explored the Indian spirit of entrepreneurship before this.

Geopolitical tensions and natural calamities in recent times have already alerted you against the practice of outsourcing all manufacturing to one destination. Think larger. Think India. Support the businesses here.