You don’t need a lot of money to make your apartment look stylish, luxurious and comfortable. The easiest way of getting on roll to make your house look chic is to imagine how it’ll look in the end, do some research and voila, you are en route to creating an apartment you want. Let’s take a look at some options that you can select to make your apartment look beautiful.

Pick Your Greens

In this busy concrete world, it is difficult to find peace and a scenic view. Therefore, add some green to your house and find instant calmness. You can pick from potted plants or climbers or shrubs. If you have a huge veranda, you can grow some organic fruits and vegetables.

Decor Ideas

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Go After The Pantry

Who would have thought that a pantry can look pretty and well organized at the same time? To achieve the perfect pantry look, purchase a dozen of jars, add your pantry essentials in it, stick a label to every jar. You can mix match the label colours or go for monochrome if your pantry is as organized as the picture below, then it is bound to look beautiful.

Home Decor Ideas

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Design a Wall of Fame

Pick a wall in your living room or bedroom, paint it with your favourite colour, hang your favourite pictures on the cable of fairy lights and witness the beauty of the little lights in the evening when you light them up.

Home Decor Ideas for Bedroom

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Go Boho

Add the elements of the boho chic look in your apartment and you will observe your apartment glow instantly. The earthy, open and light feel of the boho chic house looks refreshing.

The Boho Chic Look

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Get Cosy

In a world that is always on the run, you need that one space in your house that gives you peace and space. For an uber cool apartment, you should definitely convert a spot into a cosy space. Pick a space which has access to sunlight and wind, put a mattress with some fluffy cushions and a rug, add on some cute fairy lights and you will have a perfect place in your apartment where everyone would want to spend their time when they visit you.

Uber Cool Apartment

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Mirror, Mirror on the wall 

What better than multiple mirrors on the wall complimenting you on your beautiful dress and shoes! You can hang mirrors in the hallway or in your bedroom or in any room of your apartment and it will only add class. Additionally, mirrors also create an illusion in the light, making your house look bright and light.

Mirrors on the Wall

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After you are done creating illusions and cosy spots in your apartment, call your friends and show-off your newly decorated home. For any assistance from us, visit your nearest Durian store or visit