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It’s the year-end and the holiday season, where it is all about hosting dinners and parties at home. But let’s have some simple tips to look at which will work out doe a weeknight dinner with family as well. When we talk about setting up a dinner table, our first focus goes to the cutlery and crockery. But we cannot go buying different ones every time we have people come over. Your dining room set is as per your home interiors, and you tend to buy your crockery contrast to your dining table set. So, here are some exciting creative tips that can help you set a dinner table like a pro.

1. Have a design theme for the dinner table decor

Nowadays, it’s almost a ritual to click pictures of the food or even of the garnish and décor. So one of the simple ways of making an outstanding dining table set up is to have a theme around the occasion or for example, it’s December, so Christmas as the theme and build on the same with simply adding white, red, or even green tot your décor.

2. Bring in natural elements to the table

It is amazing how, at a time simple, natural elements can beautify a dinner table setup surprisingly look beautiful for a dinner table setup. Here, by just adding natural leaves and roses to your setup gives the dining table set up an earthy look and feel to it.

3. Create ambiance through candles

Add aroma and mood around the table by adding scented candles or normal candles in fancy candle stands or glass jars to make it look like part of the crockery. Light plays an important role in your set up and adding candle sets up the mood and gives an ambiance to the party.

4. Mix and match solid colors with patterns

When we don’t get to buy a lot of crockery for the frequent weekend parties, then this is something that will help you plan your next dinner party in style. Mix and match your table runner, napkins and mats to give your simple plain crockery an outstanding look.

5. Go for quirky crockery

How about skip getting the same old solid colored crockery? It’s time to go boho in your table styling with confidence. Go for bold patterned colored serving bowls or plates. Buy shades of blue glasses to go with your dining table set up and keep your center plates white to give a touch of neutral to your table. You can think of adding white roses or candles to your table to give it a natural touch.

Remember, never be afraid to experiment! The dining table set up is just like the way you take chances in the kitchen with a little more with spice or salt. Take your dinner table as an empty canvas, and you are the artist who is going to paint a picture that will be welcoming and loved by all. Make the most of your holiday dinners with these exciting ideas and to explore beautiful dining table sets visit www.durian.in