A new era deserves a new work atmosphere as well. With the world gearing up to resume work in the Post-Covid phase, there’s a need to redesign the workspaces to ensure comfort and safety at all times.

Let’s take a look at the various furniture offerings provided by Durian to give a comfortable work atmosphere that’s secure and safe too.

Types of workspaces

There are a variety of workspaces that need different kinds of furniture to suit the needs of employees. There are basically two types of workspaces, namely,

  1. Primary Workspace:

Primary workspaces are usually those which are assigned to a particular individual and are specific to him. These are ‘home base’ spaces. They are designed for short interactions.


Primary workspaces will comprise premium furniture for the directors and top executives wherein privacy and confidentiality are of utmost importance.


Brown executive desk


2. Activity Workspaces:

These are ‘go-to’ spaces which are not assigned to one individual but are common to the whole team along with individual work. Some of the workspaces in this category are:

1. Refuge for one or two people

2. Enclave for small group of three to four people

3. Team Meeting for a group of around eight people

4. Assembly spaces for bigger meetings and conferences

5. Community for larger collaborations and socializing


Activity workspaces will include the following furniture based on each category:

1. Refuge spaces will require furniture for limited people. So, they will need Executive desks and Office Desks

2. Enclave workspaces will need modular furniture which can be tailored to meet specific needs. It is customizable and can enable smooth working among a small group of people.

3. Team meetings can have Meeting desks to enable discussions and brainstorming sessions.


Meeting room


4. Assembly workspaces will require Conference Tables to accommodate large groups of people with physical distancing.

5. Community workspaces essentially encourage socializing for the purpose of large conferences and gatherings. The furniture for auditoriums will suit community spaces for the massive seating capacity.


A variety of furniture can be used for a variety of workspaces with the provision of physical distancing and necessary precautions.

Durian offers a range of office furniture with protective shields and side panels to safeguard your health while you continue working in a stress-free way.

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