There are different types of doors based on the material they are made of: glass, steel, solid wood, and so on. Within the category of solid wood doors, Durian doors emerge as your best option. Let’s explain why.

Let us first articulate what value for money means. It can mean:

1. You don’t have to spend on anything to maintain something you have invested in.
2. You don’t have to replace something soon.
3. You want an assurance that the product is safe and if at all something goes wrong, it can be managed easily.
4. You get to customize something to your budget, requirement without having to pay a premium for it.

As you’ll see below, Durian doors offer you this value and more.

Indian homeowners trust wood for the security it offers and the aesthetic looks it makes possible. It is for this reason that Durian invests in extensive research and development for doors for Indian homes and other spaces like offices. The result is a range of doors that look luxurious and welcoming – perfect symbols of luxury and hospitality.

Doors Range

Investing in Durian doors for your home brings to you great benefits. Here they go:

  • Design:

Our doors come in more designs than you can imagine. You might want a panel door for your home or you might want to keep it simple with a flush door. We offer you both the options which local players might not be able to give you.

  • Easy customization:

Because each of our doors is our own brainchild, we have created enough scope for you to customize every aspect of the door: the veneer, the look, the material, the texture, the color and so on.

  • Straight delivery – 70 minutes:

Our modular design gets your door manufactured in our units. You do not have to make your premises available to get the door made. There is no dust, grime, or noise at your place. You get your door without a hassle. We just need 70 minutes to install the door and we are done!

A carpenter is fixing door

  • No delivery charges:

We have a pan-India presence. So you do not have to pay any shipping charges.

  • Protection from termites and borer:

We have seen even the best of the builders install low-quality doors in the homes they offer. How can we be so sure? After a few months, the door frame begins to show signs of infestation by termites and borer. The materials we offer are resistant not just to termites and borer but also to moisture. You get a long lasting door that looks graceful.

  • Clean technique of installation:

Again, thanks to the modular thought behind our doors, we give you a nail-free installation. Your door looks shiny and swanky along with the walls because there are no nails attached.

Door installation

  • Sound insulation:

Our material is well-chosen. You get a door that gives you the privacy you want – what happens inside your home stays inside and the noise that happens outside remains outside. It is indeed a big advantage for we have noticed several people complaining about the sound of elevators or about noisy neighbors when they talk about what they seek in a door.

  • Resistance to fire:

All our doors are crafted to give you protection when you need it the most – in the unexpected scenario of fire. Wood catches fire easily, as is well known but with the treatment and technology designed by us, our doors come with strong resistance to fire so that you can escape to safety soon.

  • Unmatched warranty of 10 years:

We stand by each door we make. Therefore, we give you an assured warranty of 10 years.

You get a strong, sturdy, safe Durian door that becomes a part of your home.

What more are you looking for in a door? How do you measure value for money? Let us know in the comments below.
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