The word ‘wardrobe’ brings to mind old-style cupboards and almirahs made of metal or wooden cupboards made traditionally at home. But new age demands from wardrobes have increased manifold. Durian modular wardrobes are designed to cater to your modern expectations. In this blog, we clarify why our modular wardrobes are better than the local wardrobes.

But with modular design available, you don’t have to go by a local decision about how to organise your wardrobe.

This guide will help you be prepared to design a wardrobe of your choice. It will alert you to the dangers and hidden costs you may not know of !

1.     One stop solution

Durian is your one stop solution. You won’t have to chase multiple vendors for different raw materials, accessories, and masonry work. All you’d need to do is finalise a design by talking to our design expert and we’ll get the rest done for you!

2.     5 year warranty 

Traditional Wardrobe does not come with any written warranty. We use only premium quality materials so that your wardrobe lasts longer. It’s an unbeatable unconditional warranty – something you won’t get if you opt the Traditional method !

4 door brown colored openable wardrobe

3.     Wardrobe made with expertise and backed by research 

Durian wardrobes are designed as per European expertise applied to Indian homes and the requirements of Indian families. However, locally-made wardrobes are made with recommendations and commissions they get from raw material suppliers.
4.     Machine finish with precision 

Durian wardrobes come with a smooth finishing achieved by machines. There is no guarantee of a flawless finish from a locally-made wardrobe – and that’s why the aesthetics of such a wardrobe look compromised.

2 panel brown and white colored sliding wardrobe

5.     Unlimited customisation options 

Customisation can make a wardrobe truly yours. Durian gives you unlimited customisation options in material, finish, carcass, and colour. With locally-made wardrobes, you get very limited options and no customisation.

6.     No dust & grime 

The idea behind modular wardrobes is that they get ready in a factory unit so that you don’t have to put up with dust and grime at your home. If you make a wardrobe at home, there’s no way you can avoid messy dust and grime.

White colored single panel sliding wardrobe

7.     No noise & interference to your privacy 

Again, since Durian modular wardrobes get ready in our unit, you don’t have to put up with noise and interference with your privacy. On the contrary, you may get a lot of headache because of noise at home & disturbance of privacy with work being done at home.

8.     Premium quality raw material & hardware 

Durian comes with over 3 decades of experience and expertise in raw material and hardware. Our raw materials are expertly and responsibly sourced. With Traditional wardrobes, you are very likely to get local, untested materials which compromise the quality of your wardrobe. Durian offers you an assurance of transparency in choice of materials. But with locally made wardrobes, you are not likely to get any guarantee of what the material is and what its quality is.

9.     Time saving 

Durian modular wardrobes save you a lot of time. You can place an order any time as per your requirement. We’ll deliver and install it at your premises when you’d like us too. However, with traditional wardrobes, the process gets very time consuming because you may not get an assured delivery date. Your follow up with labour, suppliers of raw materials etc can also halt the process at several levels. We have a record of fast delivery time, whereas in cases of traditional wardrobes, you won’t get an assurance of a fixed delivery date.

White colored single panel sliding wardrobe

10.  Fixed  price with no sudden hikes 

Durian modular wardrobes come with a price as per the materials, design and finish you choose. Traditionally made doors can get quite expensive especially if you have no way of verifying the quality and its real price in the market.

11.  Portable 

By definition, modular wardrobes can be assembled and dismantled at your wish. If you’re moving, you can easily have your wardrobe shifted with you. Our delivery and installation team can support you in the process. Traditionally made wardrobes are fixed and non-movable. Your wardrobe investment is likely to be wasted if you move from your current space in future.

Single panel sliding wardrobe in a room

For centuries, people have turned to local players in order to get their wardrobes made. And they’ve found themselves adjusting to the contractors’ choice rather than thinking about their own lifestyle and fashion.

As you can see, there are many disadvantages to hiring a contractor for getting your wardrobe made! Talk to a Durian wardrobe design expert to get the best combination of shelves for you and your family. Book a consultation or walk into your nearest Durian store today!