A fun-filled gathering at home, guests all around and suddenly you hear a creaky sound from your one-year-old sofa.

Such a disaster, isn’t it?

Do you know why that happened?

Because everything that glitters is not gold, that is, just buying a sofa that looks good isn’t enough. You need to make a purchase after considering the quality of the sofa. Most people get attracted to the shining, stylish sofas and are ignorant about aspects such as durability and warranty.

That’s why we at Durian would like to help you take an informed decision, being the experts in the furniture business for decades.

Here are the top nine factors which make Durian sofas the best in the market:

1. Durability

durability! Durian furniture are durablity tested
Skyler: 3 Seater Leather Sofa

Durian sofas last longer. They are durable and timeless. The upholstery used in the sofas has four variants –

1. Leather, which is premium and stylish

2. Leatherette, which is low maintenance and water-resistant

3. Nappa Aire Leather, which is high in softness

4. Fabric, which has multiple colour options and adds warmth to places

The upholstery too is one that lasts. The sofas are easy to maintain which makes them pass the test of time.

2. Tested for Quality

Durian sofas boast of excellent quality across types: leather sofas, fabric sofas and leatherette sofas. All our furniture undergoes a stringent testing process so that only the very best of our products are made available for our customers.

Products are tested for bloating, tensile strength, stress, load capacity along with other quality checks.

3. Warranty

Durian sofas come with a warranty period of 5 years. All your worries and stresses are taken care of from time to time. Durian offers warranty on the upholstery too unlike any other brand.

The warranty covers most snags and defects that arise within one year of purchase. This helps us to offer a hassle free experience to our customers.

4. Variety

We have variety of products

Durian sofas promise a wide range of choices for the customers to choose from. We have over 50+ designs in over 30 colours in 3 finishes and 11 textures. Such an exhaustive collection is rare to find anywhere else in the furniture space.

5. Customisation

Durian allows you to customise your sofa as per your needs because we understand your unique needs deserve unique solutions. You can get your sofa setup customised for colours and textures in upholstery and also ask for more features to add to the functionality.

6. Pricing

Durian sofas are made for every budget. Right from basic needs to opulent ones, our sofas cater to everyone. We offer a wide range of sofas right from economic ones to premium ones.

We also have EMI facility available in case you plan to spread the expenses over a period of time. Our sofas come with five-year warranty including the upholstery which is a great deal offered by none other in this domain.

7, Adaptability

Our sofas are adaptable to your need which means they can be used for any space. Be it living rooms, bedrooms, offices, lounges, hotels and any other space for utility and comfort, Durian sofas are the best choice.

Our compact and sectional sofas solve your problems of space constraints. You can also choose to customise your sofa setup and make use of the multiple modules we offer.

8. Suitable Functionality

Our products are functional all area

Dream: 3 Seater Nappa Aire Leather Recliner Sofa

Durian sofas are made for the most comfortable experience. They come with sliding seats, adjustable headrests, adjustable armrest, hydraulic storages and modular seats. Keeping in mind the needs and pain points of our customers, we design to deliver excellence at all times.

New age sofas come with new-age mechanisms. Durian promises innovative experiences coupled with functional comfort and elegance.

9. Expertise

Durian has been offering state-of-the-art interior solutions since 1985. With a legacy spanning over 35 years, we provide premium furniture solutions for homes and offices. We stand for purpose and enable our customers to prioritize the purpose they expect their product to fulfil.

We are humbled to have touched the lives of lakhs of customers in beautifying their homes and offices with the best quality furniture that’s elegant and durable. Our e-commerce store enables you to select from a variety of options comfortably anytime, anywhere.

These nine factors make our sofas the best in the market and ensure you have a hassle-free experience while using them. If you wish to know more about our range of sofas, please visit www.durian.in and be a part of the Durian family of happy customers.