As you go about your day working, thinking, chatting or as you seek a comfy space to relax in the evening, you need a sofa that lets you forget all the bother in the world! We understand that you might be short on time and unable to go to stores to pick the best sofa for your home. How about finding the best sofa online for your home?

 This blog will take you through certain things you need to keep in mind before considering online sofa shopping.

Here they are:

1. Check for Security of Site

Online shopping scams are all over the place. So ensure that the site you are shopping from has the SSL certification. This means the site should have ‘https’ and not ‘http’ in the link. 

2. Check for the Company Credentials

Go to the company’s ‘About us’ section and check for the company’s whereabouts. It is recommended to shop from a company that has been in existence for a long time.

3. Check Sofa Dimensions & Space Available


You know the available space at your home so keeping that in mind, check for the sofa dimensions which would fit in that area. You can choose from three types of sofas depending upon the space:

  1. Compact
  2. Standard
  3. Grand L Shape

4. Check for your Style

Everyone has a unique taste. It’s best to find out which style suits you the most. There are three types of styles in sofas:

  1. Modern
  2. Contemporary
  3. Vintage & Imperial

5. Check for Customization Options


We all have our favorite colors and choices in terms of the furniture we want. Most of us want unique furniture which is not found anywhere else. So check if the company provides for customization in terms of:

  1. Colors
  2. Textures
  3. Materials 

6. Check for Functionality

A sofa can have several add-on features. Check if you want any of these for you: 

  1. Click clack mechanism
  2. Adjustable headrest
  3. Adjustable backrest
  4. Adjustable armrest
  5. Availability of USB for charging


7. Check Hygiene Factors

Hygiene is of utmost importance especially in these times. So check if the material of the sofa provides extra features like:

  1. Antimicrobial upholstery
  2. Protection from pathogens & germs

8. Check Ratings & Reviews Online

Check rating and reviews

Always read what others have written about the products you want to buy. If there are a majority of reasonable sounding negative reviews, then you have your answer.

9. Check Sales/Offers & Compare Prices


Find out if the online retailer is rolling out offers or announcing clearance sales. If yes, you’ll find something that you can comfortably afford.

Shopping for furniture in March and October is more likely to get you the best deals because furniture manufacturers drop new furniture shipments twice a year – in April and November.

Always compare the prices of sofas provided by different companies and see the features they offer. That will broaden your exposure on the market rates and help you take a better decision. 

10. Check Hidden Charges & Company’s Shopping Policy

Do check the delivery charges, shipping costs, installation charges and other costs involved before purchasing the product. Also go through the shopping policy and return policy thoroughly before buying.

11. Pay from Credit Card/PayPal


In order to avoid risks, it’s best to pay from Credit Cards or PayPal Accounts. Credit cards have a limit to the amount that can be credited along with safety authentications to enable a safe transaction.

You could also use PayPal which doesn’t need your bank details to make a transaction.

All the above factors will help you shop safely online and also enable you to find the best sofa for your home. We hope it helps you. 

If you need any assistance for sofa shopping, Durian provides a plethora of choices. You may visit our website to  know about our sofa collection.