Monsoon is a scary time for expensive, delicate clothes. It’s a messy time to care for them too. In this blog, we help you learn about how to get your Wardrobe Monsoon-ready in 8 steps.

8 steps to organize your wardrobe in monsoon season

  1.     Segregate your clothes.

Identify the clothes you’d need to put away for the monsoon. Things like heavily embroidered ethnic wear, or delicate silk clothes or white (and similarly light coloured) clothes are generally not worn during the monsoons. 



  1.     Give your delicate clothes some air care.

Let these identified clothes out for some time to give them a breath of fresh air. Pack them in clean protective coats before putting them back. Place silica packets around these clothes to keep humidity away. Get them vacuum packed if you can – you’ll be able to save some space in your wardrobe too.


  1.     Cleanse the inside of the wardrobe.

Take everything out, clean it all with a damp cloth, let it dry completely, and re-arrange everything back inside. 


  1.     Work on keeping the inside of the wardrobe humidity-proof. 

Use a dehumidifier if it’s close to a source of dampness. Change the sheet you place in your wardrobe shelves before putting clothes back into your wardrobe. Some people use chalks too. Use neem and/or naphthalene balls to keep termites away. Butter paper or old newspapers will soak any moisture.


  1.     Bring fragrance in as you kick dampness out. 

Use ground coffee or potpourri or cotton wool dipped in any of your favourite essential oils to add fragrance.


  1.     Follow the traffic safe-distance rule inside the wardrobe too. 

Maintain some distance between two pieces of clothes especially for the ones you hang. Reducing stuffiness reduces smelliness too.


  1.     Declutter and organise. 

Keep your shorts, cropped pants, knee-length skirts at the front for everyday use as you put away your already packed delicate clothes at the back. 



  1.     Pay attention to the accessories.

Polish your leather bags and shoes once and keep them away. Put them away in the boxes or in the exclusive bags meant for shoes. 


Every season calls for a different dressing style and that means keeping things handy for everyday use. Getting ready for the season in advance is the most important you can do to keep your wardrobe decluttered and organised.

And as far as arranging for spacious wardrobes is concerned, get in touch with us! 

So, what’s your tried and tested method of getting your wardrobe ready for the monsoon. Share your idea in the comments below.