It’s that time of the year again; the time when you feel like stopping by your gully and asking the local kids, for one more chance to bat again. 

“Just one minute, please. A few balls, that’s all.” … And that’s the kind of relationship many have with cricket in this country. It’s an affliction that leaves no age group unaffected. You will see grandfather rejoice with granddaughter over a no-ball bowled. You will catch hordes of office-goers stand outside an electronics store just to get a glimpse of their favourite player score his half-century. It’s no ordinary sport in this part of the world. What else can you say about a sport that enjoys the enviable but odd distinction of being an ice-breaker; a subject over which strangers who may or may not speak the same language can easily bond over. Some call cricket a religion, and maybe they’re right.

And April happens to be the time when this religion’s biggest pilgrimage is underway. There’s a carnival-like atmosphere across the nation when the biggest teams belonging to the metros compete. It’s a talking point everywhere- at homes, at offices.

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