One of the biggest conglomerates in India was looking out for office chairs that are elegant, flexible, and maintain the well being of the employees.

In today’s scenario, customers are widely exposed to the information through various media. They are aware of their requirement and  have enough spending power. Our sales team invests a lot of time and period to build strong business relations within the organization – right from the bottom level staff to reach the high level decision makers.

 What We Asked Them:

When this conglomerate approached us with their requirement of chairs, we asked them about the end users (who would be using the chairs regularly), the condition of their existing chairs in all offices throughout the country, and the number of chairs they wanted.

What We Found:

We found that this conglomerate was well-informed about the benefits of ergonomic furniture, especially the chairs, and was ready to invest in the best products.

The leaders of this conglomerate assumed they would have to deal with different vendors throughout the country – in the cities where they had their offices. They were delighted that thanks to our pan-India presence, they would not have to pursue multiple vendors. 

What We Recommended:

We recommended nothing but the best to them. Our Nature chair fit the bill. With the help of exhaustive literature and other aids, we showed them that this chair would be their best buy.



We demonstrated the chair at their site and followed up with emails and the thought and research that has gone behind the making of the product. Our videos and catalogues contain well-detailed specifics about the chair and the variations available for this chair.

Since this was a pan-India project, our design and R&D team have designed the Nature Chair bearing in mind all the evolving needs of the market.

Nature Chair that is highly ergonomic and flexible. It comes in different sizes available such as High Back, Medium Back & Cantilever. It is also environmentally sensitive.

The chair is quite a big medium back chair, bigger in back size. It accommodates all sizes of people working for long hours. 

It has adjustable armrest 3D format: it can be adjusted front and back, up and down, and left and right. It also has self tension adjustment means it takes the weight of the body automatically and adjusts the spring to move backward. It has an aluminium base. Even the seat has pressure tension reduction.



We urged the client to use the chair for almost a month to take opinion from the users in the office.

The Delivery:

The client was highly satisfied with the product and placed an order for over 30,000 chairs. We delivered it smoothly to all of the client’s offices/branches in India.

The chair has been quite a success and has been ordered by various other companies across India.