When it comes to redecorating your living room, the 1st thing that comes to your mind is buying new furniture and get your walls painted. The mix of patterns, colours, fabrics and the raw leather seems like a perfect match. Even dreams are made of  those beautiful leather sofas then.

Here are a few designs that will help you to choose between the best ones for a perfect looking house!

The modern solid wood leather sofa Samuel is one of a kind. The bright orange colour of the sofa not only attracts the guests but also brings in warmth to an any living space. Also since leather is a natural product, aging brings out its natural patina in it, making the sofa even more beautiful over time. Owning one of these indeed is a smart choice for a modern living home.

Solid Wood Leather Sofa

Harris, a big bold and loud race-car red recliner sofa powered by a motorized automatic recline with a premium finish to give your living room a niche look. It is a fact that leather lasts much longer than fabric and can be of a better value when it comes to the material of the furniture. Along with the best quality leather, Harris also has an adjustable headrest that provides you with extra comfort for you to lie down in peace on a lazy day!

Red Recliner Sofa Online

The semi aniline leather sofa is a magnificent piece of furniture for a contemporary living space. The unique panel of Steve goes perfectly with the sink in cushions. The extra finish helps in protecting the leather from pets and lets everyone enjoy on the couch without worries. This 3 seater leather sofa is the definition of a truly luxurious living room experience.

Contemporary Leather Sofa

Leather is one of the most durable and good looking surfaces for home furnishings. Owning a piece like Marcus, a modernised 2 seater supreme leather sofa that gives us all the luxurious feel and an adjustable headrest that provides you with perfect comfort. The stainless steel legs gives the sofa an extraordinary look. In short, Marcus is the perfect choice to make when thinking of getting a fresh new piece for your living room.

Leather furniture is something you buy for a lifetime. It wears in as it gets more old, unlike other fabrics. Philly is a marvellous, richly textured beige colour leather sofa set that offers lots of support for extra comfort. The sofa rests firmly on its sleek chrome legs, giving it a strong base. Philly spoils you with the choice. It has variants in the size, viz single seater, 2 seater and 3 seater. Choosing an entire set and placing it in the living room adds up to the comfort and grandeur to your home.

Beige Colour Leather Sofa Set

As we say, with good things comes responsibility. Maintaining leather furniture is indeed a responsibility. There are a few tips and tricks that will help in making your furniture last for a lifetime. Make use of a good leather conditioner every 6-12 months to clean the marks and spots from the material. Dusting it on a regular basis is suggested to avoid settling of unwanted dust on your sofa.  If any damage is already caused, make appropriate use of the leather repair kit to balance. Since leather furniture is something you can enjoy for years to come, this is a purchase that makes a sound investment.

Leather Sofa

As the summer season is approaching and all these choices readily available, grab the best pieces at great deals today from your nearest Durian store or buy it online from Durian.in.