We’ve adapted ourselves to the new normal at every stage of interacting with you: from interaction in the showroom to delivering your choice of products to you.

In our previous blogs on vehicle hygiene and pre-delivery interaction, we explained our new protocols in place.

This blog will familiarize you with the new process we’ve adopted while interacting with you in your premises.

In the showroom or in the vehicle, most things are under our control. But that’s not always the case while delivering to you.

We thought it would be a good idea to empower you with the knowledge of our new, safe process for 2 reasons:

a. To help you feel safe and assure you that your product is safe

b. To prepare you in advance regarding the steps you might have to take to assist our safe

Here’s our new plan:

1. Our delivery team will be fully dressed in PPE at all times.

A man is wearing PPE Kit

2. Our delivery team would maintain distance with everyone on their journey.

3. Our delivery team will apply sanitiser in front of you once again.

4. Our delivery team will not remove their shoe protectors in your premises under any circumstances.

5. You need not offer any water or food to our delivery team. They shall carry their own bottles, food, snacks at all times.

6. Our delivery team shall use their own tools and refrain from using any of your tools.

7. After the installation, our delivery team shall clear overall packing material and dispose it outside your premises.

8. Our delivery team will also sanitize the product as per guidelines and share product maintenance documents with you.

Our delivery team will get the customer’s sign on bill or challan as well as delivery declaration form, as is the regular protocol.

We hope you agree with our new delivery process and you’d cooperate with our staff to ensure that it’s implemented well.

Let us know what further changes we can incorporate to keep the delivery process simpler and safer.