Space is always a constraint in contemporary homes. As your collection of clothes – office wear, sportswear, lounge wear – increases, you need more space to accommodate it all. In this blog, we share 8 awesome tips that can help you decide how to make the most out of your small space and yet have a spacious wardrobe.

  1. Go floor to ceiling by incorporating loft space

A wardrobe that covers the height of a room lets you use all the space. The loft space on the top can be used to store your suitcases, winter wear, or travel clothes. 


Brown and white colored modular wardrobe

  1. Go for wall-to-wall wardrobe

A wardrobe that runs from one wall to the other is the ideal wardrobe for your small bedroom. By making good use of all the wall space, you can create ample space to store your things in various ways – hanging space, shelves, racks, and drawers.

  1. Go for sliding doors

Sliding doors are your greatest saviours! You can have a spacious wardrobe installed in your bedroom with sliding doors. You’ll have plenty of walking space around the wardrobe because you don’t have to swing open the doors each time to use the wardrobe. 

Green and black colored modular wardrobe

  1. Have mirrors on the doors

You don’t need a separate dressing table if you can have a mirror installed on your wardrobe itself. By eliminating the need for extra furniture, you create room for a spacious wardrobe. Moreover, a mirror will reflect your bedroom space and help in making it look bigger.

  1. Install transparent or translucent glass doors on wardrobes

See-through doors on wardrobes let you spot everything quickly while reducing the cramped looks of a bedroom. The glass doors create a sense of space that wooden doors can’t.

  1. Pick light or pastel colours

Wardrobes that come with light-coloured exteriors – white, pink, green – keep your bedroom look airy and open. Darker colours create a sense of stuffiness. Go for bright colours or pastel shades when finalising the design and finish of your wardrobe. 

Light colored modular wardrobe

  1. Set the wardrobe into a niche

Several homes have niche spaces in the walls. You can use these niches well to set your wardrobe. 

  1. Build a wardrobe around existing furniture 

If you have something fixed or an important space that can’t be moved, have your wardrobe built around that space. For example, you may have an already fixed dressing area, study area or a worship corner. You can have your wardrobe merge with these areas. Similarly, if you have a bed that takes up a huge part of the room, you can use the space around the headboard – the two bedsides as well the topmost area of the wall above the headboard and have your wardrobe set on the headboard wall.

The point with each of these tips is to look for a small opportunity of space around it and get creative in terms of usage, colour, and layout to get the wardrobe that addresses all your needs and the needs of your family.

Brown and white colored sliding wardrobe in a bedroom

For more wardrobe ideas customised to your bedroom size, talk to our design expert today!