Who doesn’t like a long night of undisturbed sleep that leaves you well rested and refreshed? In fact, it is said that good sleep is the secret behind active minds and creative thinkers. We often forget there are certain factors that help in getting a good night’s sleep. One of the most important things being – pillows. Pillows play a vital role in the kind of sleep that we get everytime we rest. Hence, it becomes very important for us to be cautious about how we choose our pillows.  

Recently our experts crafted something simply brilliant. Wink Pillows – a range of pillows to fulfil all requirements for a long, relaxing and well-earned rest that you deserve. A range that consists a type of pillow for everyone.

Wink Pillows

Classic Pillow – Nothing says comfort like the classics. Simple, precise and the perfect place to nest your head when you need to nap after a long day, it provides the perfect cushion for your head, redefining comfort using memory foam and special textures, a must-have for any lover of sleep. It’s hard to beat the classics.

classic pillows

Ergo Pillow –  Tailored to provide relief to those with neck and back problems, this pillow was designed to accompany orthopaedic needs. Thanks to its special design, you will embrace a world of sound and painless sleep, with the orthopaedic pillow easing your back and neck pain by providing ample support via its contoured textures. 


Slim Pillow – Created as a balance between comfort and function. Your wholesome rest is guaranteed with the benefit of the Slim pillow. Petite and sleek, this pillow is perfect for those who prefer to sleep sideways, and its light-weight and small size makes it the perfect candidate for those short afternoon naps. 

slim pillows from durian

These pillows are not only going to give you the perfect sleep, it is crafted with such expertise that it adds style to your bedroom and it’s so easy to store that it’s made to go with your wardrobe and bedroom storage space.

Wink pillows are bound to deliver you to a world of serene rest, leaving you rejuvenated and relaxed, so be sure to explore wink pillows.