Monsoon is here! Where we do prefer enjoying the rains outside but this season it’s time to celebrate monsoons inside too. Believe it or not, a classy and contemporary monsoon makeover is not only about improving the aesthetics of your place, but also to add a touch of comfort and ease to your living spaces. Here are a few ideas that will help to brighten your gloomy monsoon at home.

Add some color to your place

Colors have a positive impact on each one of us. And when it’s gloomy and dark outside, only a bright warm light will not be enough to lift the mood. This year fill your heart with bright accents to relive your living spaces. Vibrant hues of living corals, pink or even yellow can accentuate your space as well as your mood. Let’s turn the home décor with a little twist to welcome rains with a splash on colors.

A Functional Décor

A new season calls for new furniture but moreover functional furniture or décor. Can think of getting a new coffee table to indulge at home for a cup of coffee or hot chocolate. Or how about getting cozy lounge chairs. Add pop up the bright color with cushions, bright cups or synthetic curtains to make it breezy and airy. Accessories furniture which will add to your home décor and will be useful to indulge indoor this rains.

The right home accessories

After bright summer, rainy seasons are cool but gloomy also. You tend to feel lazy, and not to go outside. But even at home, you feel all dull. Then why not add something shimmy to your place like a huge antique mirror which will even make your place look spacious. Add some candle stands; vintage lamps etc. make your place rejuvenating this season.

Fresh green houseplants

While heavy rains cancel your plans to go out. Now you can enjoy freshness at home with all the green lively plants which you get to see outside. Now you can have them for home décor with a cup of coffee and a book. Plants make your room lively and fresh and you have a range of indoor plants to choose from like the usual succulents, ZZ plant, snake plant or even the money plant, you can even get your outdoor plants in. Like some of the ferns, peace lily, etc. which does not need much water.

Care for furniture

Monsoons make everything around more greener and beautiful to look at. But the humidity during the rains gives us a headache to manage wooden furniture. For worrisome solution, it’s always good to keep furniture fresh with oiling and waxing in advance and by ensuring your interiors are well ventilated.

Let’s plan monsoons at home this year with bringing in the new and enhancing the old furniture to the living space. So, avoid whites and beige instead go for bright furniture. Let’s plan to stay back and dodge the rains this season.