Furniture is an important element when it comes to decorating your house. It is very easy to get a box assembled to fill your home, but considering the material of the furniture along with the colours and patterns to recreate your home is an important aspect when you have to choose furniture.

Let’s have a look at the aspects that matter;

1)  Comfort is the key to happy living:-

Using the quality material makes the furniture more comfortable. The solid ‘Oak’ wood, the supreme fabric and the contribution of the skilled craftsman helps in carving a masterpiece that fits perfectly in your comfort zone.

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2. Durability makes a great companion:- 

The premiere quality material of the furniture is directly proportional to it’s durability. The better the quality, the longer it will last helping you save money in the long run. ‘Mahogany’ wood is usually used to carve the solid furniture sets. Having a little knowledge of the material will help choose the best furniture.


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3) Owning the flexible lifestyle:-

Better materials hold up better to daily use. Selecting the one which is light in weight and gives good texture is what you need for a flexible set. ‘Hemlock’ wood is a great choice for a solid foundation, which also can be placed easily and can be moved with ease.

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4) A polished model that catches the attention:-

Modelling the optimum set of furniture in the house gives your guests, an exemplary feel. And it goes without saying that the beauty and the style of the furniture pleases the visitors.

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5) Clifton : The classic perpetual display:-

Clifton, the display cabinet is one of the high quality sets tailor-made specially for an ideal look. It is an antique you would definitely want to own.

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At Durian, we offer the most stylish and premium quality furniture that lasts for generations.