It is always good to have conversations with our clients and discuss how their journey has been with us so far. Recently, we got an opportunity to have such a talk with Mr. R.K Varma- The Senior Vice President of Procurement and Administration for Rolta India and here’s what he had to say.


1.  How did you come across us?

Ans:  “I have a long association with Durian for 10 years”

Mr. R.K Varma has been our client for over a decade, preferring the superior quality and service that Durian provides over competitors because he knows that when choosing the best furniture, there can be no compromise. Having purchased Durian office chairs and sofas, he was quite pleased with his service.


2.  What were your initial thoughts about Durian?

Ans:  “It’s durable & has excellent quality to match the aesthetic value of the furniture”

Mixing both style and ergonomics, Durian aims to provide the best furniture possible for each client and fulfill their needs. We delivered both in equal measure to Mr. Varma, never compromising on either style or comfort. It’s what makes us unique, after all.


3.  Which project did you work with us on?

Ans:  “10 + projects worked on 5000 workstations.”

You can rely on Durian to accommodate the needs of your office and home space. We work to ensure that all client feedback is taken with the utmost sincerity, meeting their requirements at every step of the way. We provided Mr. Varma with nothing short of the best furniture for his office space.


4.  Were you satisfied with our work?

Ans:  “A 100% satisfied.”

Durian prides itself on its client satisfaction, with a long history of providing furniture to several prestigious clients and organizations for over several years. A clear line of communication with our team of seasoned experts, and a proposal was made that best suited his requirements. Safe to say, he was quite satisfied with the end result.


5.  What difference did our furniture make to your office?

Ans:  “Added value to the interior decor, with 5000 pieces of furniture used in Gurgaon. They are appreciated by all companies.”

We know that the look and feel of an office space is important to a client. That is why we provide the furniture best compatible with the client’s needs. The client was pleasantly surprised by the applied aesthetic of the pieces we provided him with, stating that it gave the office a more appealing look.


6.  What do you like about Durian?

Ans:  “No complaints because timely service is provided.”

Our client, Mr. Varma was highly satisfied with the services provided to him, including our team of experts who conducted themselves with both courtesy and professionalism, ensuring that the client has a pleasant experience working with us and are able to meet all his furniture needs. It was good for us to, having the opportunity to serve new and unique clients, each with their own varying needs.


This was Mr. Varma’s experience with Durian. We are happy that we achieved absolute customer satisfaction. We look forward to your support and feedback to ensure an upgrade in our services next time.