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Our Design

All our experienced professionals channel their collective efforts to enhance the final quality while designing our products. This supports production with innovative technology that helps us in delivering superior quality furniture to your homes and offices.

Research & Innovation

Research & Innovation

  • Research based designs that fulfill contemporary needs.
  • Ergonomically designed products that are aesthetic and provide comfort to your body and mind.
  • The science of ergonomics draws on principles from the fields of anatomy, anthropometry, engineering, physiology and psychology to design furniture with greater usability.
  • Designs showcase the richness of Indian culture & lifestyle with limited space constraint
  • These consumer friendly products are also highly functional
  • Cost effective designs that make the end products affordable
  • One stop furniture solution for homes and offices
Care of material

Care of material

  • ISO Norms
  • Imported Material
  • Durian Raw Material - Ply, Veneer, Laminate and Blockboard
  • Made in house/ In-house production high quality raw material/Finishing material being used
Prototyping & Testing (Quality check)/Technology

Prototyping & Testing (Quality check)/Technology

  • Working methods that promote true wood craftsmanship are also supported by the technological innovation of production lines
  • Designed every product with crystal clear detailing & finishing
  • Products undergo operational test for 100% customer satisfaction
Types of testing

Types of testing

Furniture test

This test helps to improve the physical and mechanical conditions of the products.

  • Durability test of Durian furniture promises longer life for every product
  • Climate chamber test is used to monitor cycle of variations in different humidity conditions

Component testing

With the help of this test, we check the physical quality of all those small parts that are used in the furniture. This leads to an easy assembling of the end product.

Package test

It is designed for checking physical characters of corrugated board and paper pallet.

  • Appropriate thickness of package material ensures that the product is well protected without too much weight added for transportation.
  • Bending stiffness is checked to ensure that the boxes can resist the stress from stacking.
Production & Quality Assurance/Reliability

Production & Quality Assurance/Reliability

  • 3-4 stage quality check aimed at guaranteeing superior quality products
  • Easy installation of any product anywhere
  • 5 years warranty on products
  • Designed by keeping in mind the longevity of the products