Stress at the workplace is a common phenomenon. We often hear about the various stress busting hacks that can be applied to get rid of the fatigue and exhaustion. Work life balance is something that’s often debated. Everyone has their own theories of relaxation to fight stress. 

Some blame the bosses, some blame the subordinates and some blame their luck! Experts also advise that Yoga, meditation and proper sleep can definitely help you in these situations. But did you know a minor change in your seating habits can go a long way in helping you beat this office stress?

Wondering how?

Let’s look at the top five essentials you must look for in an office chair to fight your stress.

  • Ergonomic Design

These days office chairs are designed ergonomically so that you’re absolutely comfortable.  These chairs make sitting less taxing and more relaxing. Sitting for long hours should not be a pain because that affects your productivity as well.

  • Firm Armrest

The armrest of your office chair is also significant because many aches in the upper back arise when the muscles of the upper back get tired of supporting the weight of the arms. Armrest supports the weight of your arms and helps your neck and shoulder muscles to relax. So ensure your chair has a good armrest.

Comfortable chairs for office

  • Flexible Backrest

The key to comfort is a sturdy yet flexible backrest. We are not machines and hence flexibility is important for comfort. An adjustable backrest will not only make your back feel at ease but also improve your productivity by helping you sit comfortably.

  • Comfortable Seat

The material that makes up your seat needs to be soft and sturdy. If it’s too hard, you’ll end up hurting yourself and won’t be comfortable working for long hours. A comfortable seat gives you the feeling of being stress-free because you’re not facing any discomfort.

Comfortable chairs for office

  • Proper Eye Level

Choose a chair which offers the right eye level so that you don’t have to bend or strain too much to see your laptop/desktop. A chair that’s too short or at an uncomfortable height often tires you out and you don’t realise it’s not the work but the position that is exhausting.


All these factors are the basic requirements for a comfortable working experience. Office chairs which offer all the above will definitely be great for your back and neck. Get the right one and see how it impacts your productivity. This is how a small change can bring about a big difference in your working pattern and boost your efficiency.  So, no more drooping or straining yourself to work. Be mindful of the office chair you use because it can definitely fight your office stress to a large extent.