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Shop for bedroom furniture sets online only at durian.in

From our tastefully curated selection of bed frames, wardrobes, mattresses and bedding you can be assured that you will be spoilt for choice searching for quality bedroom furniture online. A bed one of your most prized pieces of furniture in your home thanks to the comfort and utility it offers. In this regard it is vital to pick the perfect bed that provides you and your loved ones with blissful sleep. We now provide mattresses and memory foam pillows under Wink. Our easy to assemble mattresses come in three depths for maximum comfort. To overcome chronic back and neck pain we have launched memory foam pillows to help you sleep better.

Making the most of your space with bedroom furniture that can help you save space/

Beds come in different sizes, styles and finishes. Before considering a purchase it is wise to measure your bedroom to determine what size bed will fit in your space. Keep in mind you need to leave space around your bed for walking. Once you have decided what bed can fit into your space be it a king bed, queen bed or sofa cum bed; pick other necessary furniture like wardrobes, nightstands, dressing tables, study desks and side tables.

A selection of wooden bedroom furniture that suits your style

Durian offers a selection of furniture to suit your diverse requirements. All our bedroom furniture comes in a selection of finishes and styles be it vintage modern or contemporary coupled with smart storage units and wardrobes made using solid wood and wooden materials to decorate your space. These furniture pieces offer the best we have to offer in terms of storage space, functionality and utility enabling you to live better.