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Orthopedic Mattress

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100 Nights Free Trial

OrthoQueen Size 8 Inch Mattress

Queen Size 8 Inch Mattress

35% off₹ 20,930
₹ 32,200
122 Reviews

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100 Nights Free Trial

OrthoQueen Size 6 Inch Mattress

Queen Size 6 Inch Mattress

35% off₹ 19,110
₹ 29,400
122 Reviews

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100 Nights Free Trial

OrthoKing Size 8 Inch Mattress

King Size 8 Inch Mattress

35% off₹ 25,220
₹ 38,800
122 Reviews

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100 Nights Free Trial

OrthoKing Size 6 Inch Mattress

King Size 6 Inch Mattress

35% off₹ 21,840
₹ 33,600
119 Reviews

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Designed for all generations, our Orthopedic mattress makes a perfect choice for sleepers who prefer complete orthopedic support with a firm yet gentle feel. Made with high-resilient memory foam that provides perfect comfort and support, our orthopedic mattress is ideal for people with joint aches, arthritis, or osteoporosis. Available in 6 & 8 inches thicknesses in king and queen size, shop online or in-store across the country.

Mattress Care Tips

Here’s some tips that will keep your orthopedic mattress newer for longer. 

  • To protect your mattress from dust, spillage and allergens always keep it covered. Best to use a mattress protector

  • Don't fold your mattress. Doing so may damage the construction of the mattress

  • Do not use an iron on your mattress as it can cause serious damage to the outer fabric or the foam inside the mattress and is also a potential fire hazard.

  • Your mattress does not need to be flipped. Do not flip the mattress to avoid any damage.

  • To keep your mattress fresh and hygienic, get it cleaned professionally in regular intervals. Bi annual cleaning is recommended.

  • Do not jump or bounce on the mattress to avoid damage and injury.

  • Do not consume edibles or beverages on the mattress.


5 Reasons To Buy Orthopedic Mattress At Durian Furniture

It's crucial to pay attention to your spinal alignment and experience the benefits of orthopedic mattresses. Here’s 5 reasons you should choose Durian Furniture for buying an orthopedic mattress for your king size bed or queen size beds.

  • 100 Nights Free Trial

It takes time to adjust to a new pillow or mattress, keeping that in mind we give you 100 nights to make the right decision.

  • Zero Motion Transfer

Avoid unnecessary hindrance to your sleep with our smart zero motion transfer.

  • Hypoallergenic

The pillow comes encased in a special antimicrobial fabric that safeguards it from harmful bacteria, fungi and dust mites that can create breathing issues.

  • Pocket Spring

Never lose a good night's sleep, thanks to our intelligent pocket spring construction.

  • Ergonomic support

The adaptive memory foam cradles all your pressure points for a restful night's sleep.

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