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Sofa Cum Beds

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VeronicaNubuck Fabric Sleeper Sofa Set 3+3+1 in Sand Beige

Nubuck Fabric Sleeper Sofa Set 3+3+1 in Sand Beige

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7 Reviews

FrancisDiwan with Mattress in Two Tone Finish

Diwan with Mattress in Two Tone Finish

50% off₹ 46,100
₹ 92,200

RemingtonFabric Sofa Cum Bed with Hydraulic Storage

Fabric Sofa Cum Bed with Hydraulic Storage

35% off₹ 79,950
₹ 1,23,000
7 Reviews

Buy Sofa Cum Beds For A Welcoming Addition To Your Home

Versatile, minimalistic and inviting sofa cum beds are an ultimate space saver for apartment-style homes. This multipurpose piece of furniture lets you serve you as a sofa through the day, a lounger while you unwind with your favourite book or a cup of coffee and as a cozy bed at night. Ideal for compact living rooms, guest bedrooms, and home offices, Durian sofa cum beds offer premium sofa cum beds that easily transform into a convenient bed whenever you need it.


Things To Consider While Picking The Right Sofa Cum Bed Material

Material- Sofa cum beds are available in an array of materials including cotton, velvet, genuine leather and leatherette. The upholstery should be picked based on your lifestyle and home décor. Fabric sofa cum beds make a comfortable cozy retreat for a casual look. Leather sofa cum crafted from top-grain genuine hide adds a touch of grandeur to your home. While the anti-peel, easy to maintain leatherette sofa cum beds are ideal for active families with kids and pets. Available in various colours, patterns and prints, this versatile piece of furniture showcases a practical mix of aesthetics and comfort.


Types-  Sofa cum beds are designed in various types including daybeds, standard foldouts, sofas with pull-out pop-ups, and more. The most popular type of sofa cum bed is daybed. This type dismantles the look of the sofa and can be converted into a twin bed with a gentle push, making it accessible to all generations. Depending on your style preference and space availability, pick the sofa cum bed that meets your needs.

Functionality- Different types of sofa cum beds feature different mechanisms. Durian furniture offers sofa cum bed with premium mechanism that effortlessly transforms the sofa from sitting to sleeping position. Explore Durian sofa cum beds in-store and online. 

Discover The Advantages Of Durian Sofa Cum Beds

Timeless Design - Durian sofa cum beds showcase versatile silhouettes that blend timeless styles with modern sensibilities. Wrapped in playful colours and patterns, it is designed to seamlessly blend with any decor.

Premium Material - Our sofa cum beds wrapped in high-quality upholstery promises a comfortable seating experience with its premium fabric blends. Breathable and soft to touch, it lets you experience the utmost in comfort.

High-Quality Mechanism - With a simple push, our sofa cum bed smoothly transforms from sitting to sleeping position. Easy to operate, the top-notch mechanism makes it highly convenient and accessible to all generations.


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FrancisDiwan with Mattress in Two Tone Finish

Diwan with Mattress in Two Tone Finish

₹ 46,100₹ 92,20050% off

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