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Rocker Chairs

Rock yourself to a blissful siesta with our classic rocking chairs. Available in customised finishes and colourful upholsteries you can pick the chair that suits you the best for your home.

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GregFabric Rocking Chair in Grey

Fabric Rocking Chair in Grey

45% off₹ 32,890
₹ 59,800

BrentonSolid Wood Rocking Chair

Solid Wood Rocking Chair

60% off₹ 10,000
₹ 25,000
On Sale

Bid/34805Burgundy Compact Rocking Chair

Burgundy Compact Rocking Chair

40% off₹ 15,480
₹ 25,800
On Sale
128 Reviews

CharlieNappa Aire Power Recliner, 1 Seater

Nappa Aire Power Recliner, 1 Seater

35% off₹ 79,950
₹ 1,23,000
On Sale

Bid/34805Red Compact Rocking Chair

Red Compact Rocking Chair

40% off₹ 15,480
₹ 25,800
On Sale
128 Reviews

Bid/34805Black Compact Rocking Chair

Black Compact Rocking Chair

40% off₹ 15,480
₹ 25,800
On Sale
128 Reviews

Bid/34804Black Compact Rocking Chair

Black Compact Rocking Chair

40% off₹ 14,040
₹ 23,400
On Sale

Find A Cozy Rocking Chair For Your Modern Home

Seating is a quintessential for any space, including your living room where you socialize with your guests, to casual spaces where you spend quality time with your family and friends. While sofas work well for living room seating, a comfortable rocking chair can add personality to your home. Durian furniture offers stylish & functional rocking chairs built with premium quality materials to ensure a relaxing and immersive lounging experience for years to come.

Choose Rocking Chair Type That Suits Your Personality

Rocking chair is a versatile piece of furniture that goes well in various spaces across. Look for these styles at Durian furniture to pick the one that suits your personality and home decor.

Oversized Upholstered Armchairs Generous, deep and cozy, this type of rocking chairs makes a great spot to curl up with your favourite book, enjoy movie time, or take a power nap.

Solid Wood Rocking Chairs- A little more compact than the generously proportioned upholstered rocking chairs, solid wood rockers serve as an extra seating for your living room or bedrooms. Made from kiln-dried solid wood, these chairs are built to last you a lifetime. 

Reclining Chairs with Rocker Functionality- Rocker recliners lets you relax and unwind after a long day. Ideal for your home office, work area or any less formal space, it serves you as a stress buster and calms your entire body.


Top 3 Reasons To Buy Reclining Chairs For Everyday Lounging

  1. Helps Relieve Stress- The smooth rocking movement soothes the body and mind while you unwind after a long day.

  2. Helps Reduce Body Ache- The rocking position improves blood circulation in the body, thereby reducing the body pain.

  3. Helps Inducing Sleep - Lounging in a rocking chair helps reduce the stress level with its smooth back & forth movement. It is ideal for those having trouble with having sound sleep.

FAQ For Rocker Chairs