When you go out shopping for a mattresses the most fussy one could get with their choice is ‘We’ll go for whatever’s softer’… As much as we would like to agree with that sort of strategy, there’s many more factors you could actually take into account. Factors that could easily affect something as important as your sleep patterns and therefore your energy levels through the course of the day.


Here are some of the factors you should be looking at:

1. Your Preferences

Comfort is a byword that many swear by. And it should be. 

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The way a mattress feels is an important aspect of it because at the end, that will decide the way your body feels when you lie down. Determining your exact preferences will narrow down your search for the perfect mattress!

2. Your Body

Choosing the right mattress based on body type is important because that will help in supporting your body, and thereby assist in keeping your spine in proper alignment while you sleep. The cushioning will enable relieving pressure points under sensitive places like the shoulders and hips.

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3. Budget and Durability

To consider your budget while buying a mattress is definitely a given. We would however advise you to also take into account the mattress’ durability over time.  If a cheaper mattress needs to be replaced in just a few years, it will cost you a lot more in the long run. But if you choose a mattress that’s going to last longer, you’re getting better value for your money and spending less over time. It’s a good bargain, we must say.

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These were some of the factors that you could definitely take into account while looking for the perfect mattress. We have launched our brand new mattress- Wink. It is super soft, comfortable as well as affordable, and it comes with the feature of expanding to fit your bed’s size!

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