There are sofas and then, there are leather sofas. These are a species of sofas that not only look regal but also end up leaving an indelible impression on you. ‘I sunk to my lowest depths’ , takes an extremely positive spin when one merely sits on our plush cushions.

Here’s a list of the best leather sofas we have for your living room.


Philly comes in beige, a colour known for its subdued resplendence. The leather has been textured in such a way that it makes way for a comfort ride in every seat. The cushion panels offer a lot of support and they have adjustable headrests too. It comes in three sizes, catering to families as well as individuals.


This is a sofa that is styled in a manner reminiscent to the times gone by. It is dressed in a handsome white upholstery and comes tailored in crystal tufting. It also has a black click clack mechanism that provides extra comfort while you lounge on the sofa. WRC/31649/1 can blend in your living room, your bedroom, the entryway or behind a coffee table. The possibilities with this sofa remain endless!


Travis is a sofa made for connoisseurs. It’s a premium offering constructed with a combination of solid wood and ply along with zigzag springs to give a sturdy and durable stance. Dressed in a royal shadow grey, this sofa fits perfectly well with any interior. It’s available in 3 and 2 seater formats.


One look is all it takes to fall in love with Oliver. I has cushions that flow into curves, giving it a fuller look. The cushioning comes in a luxurious vagrant of grey giving it a premium feel and finish. The flowy design with the plump foam backrest is panelled to provide lumbar support while adding to the overall sense of grandeur.

It comes in a standard set of 3+2 or can also be purchased individually as per your requirements.


Seattle is one of our stand-out modern sofas. It has a clean and crisp design and rests slender stainless steel legs with state-of-the-art platform design. The sofa is cushioned in a soft foam and comes encased in black leather for a premium look and feel. The headrest has a click-clack adjustment that allows for adjustments and better angle setting. It comes in a 3+2 set, or can be also purchased individually.

In conclusion, these are a few premium quality leather sofas that can add allure to your homes and last long. You can save big on home furniture this summer.

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