A Bangalore-based IT company was looking for reopening office premises. But they wanted to operate only as per the recommended safety norms that included maintenance of social distancing. The same firm had previously bought workstations from us. This time too the Purchase Manager of the company approached us for office solutions.

They wanted to get their safety concerns addressed. They wanted their teams to be safe while at work. They also wanted to maintain social distancing and avoid direct contact. This was a challenge because collaborative work especially in offices requires team members to be in proximity with each other.

The Purchase Manager walked in to ask if we could help them create a safe working place for their employees, a place that could still let them interact well.

We asked them if they were looking for completely different products like workstations as per their floor plan or if they were planning to change the floor plan itself to enable different kinds of movement in the new, safe set up. We also understood the other criteria involved – their budget, for instance.

Smart work station in the covid 19

We understood that they were willing to invest in furniture pieces that could help them adhere to safety norms while also letting them continue to function and be productive as before.

We then recommended that they need not buy new products or change their existing floor plan. We recommended our New Age Isolation products to them assuring them that these could help them create a safe working environment in their existing office setup.

Because the company had already invested in Durian’s cluster series, our isolation products were the right fit for them.

The isolation products we recommended to them include:

●  SneezeSafe Acrylic Screens

●  Protective Interspace Screens

●  Secure side screen

●  Secure Partition extension

●  Portable Screen

cluster serues of work station in lockdown

Cluster Series
These products were ideal fit for their existing office furniture that the company already had:

●  Workstations

●  Reception Desk

●  Manager Cabins

●  Conferences & Meeting room

●  Cafeteria

The acrylic screens we recommended to them as per the furniture they already had would ensure visibility and openness in the office space is maintained. It would, at the same time, ensure that the team members would avoid direct contact among themselves. Moreover, the screens are easy to clean and sanitize. They are highly customizable as per the office furniture layout of the company.

The Purchase Manager was pleasantly surprised with the solution. We understood their real needs and offered a solution that would address their needs better. They saved a lot of money and made the best use of what they already had. We accessed our catalogue of isolation products. That made it easier for the higher management to make a decision faster.

This is how Durian helped a company reopen their office safely with the right office furniture solutions.