Durian has over 4 decades of experience in furniture. We understand not just the raw materials (solid wood, plywood, laminates, veneer and so on). We also understand the design and aesthetics.

With Customised Wardrobes, our newest initiative in Durian Homes, we cater to your needs of re-organising your living space and lifestyle. Durian’s modular wardrobes are meant to give you what you want without making you go through the disturbance caused by all the carpentry involved!

Our range of Customised Wardrobe is going to amaze you in terms of quality, style, and design. We understood your need to source a wardrobe from someone whose quality you can trust when it comes to material and warranty.

Read on to know more about what’s in store for you with Durian’s promise of Modular Wardrobes meant just for your and your family.

1.  We save your space smartly.

You won’t have to look for your items when you need them. You can have opening doors or sliding doors as per the space you have in your room.

Designed wardrobe save your space smartly

2.  We customise to your needs while designing.

We provide module options as per your belongings and the way you’d like to organise them. We keep in mind the number of members in your family and the kind of apparel you possess.

3.  We save your effort, time, and money.

From design to installation of your modular wardrobe, our experts handle it all for you. You don’t have to coordinate with separate vendors for plywood, laminate, and construction. That saves you a lot of energy and time. Because you deal only with us, you know what you are spending on and why. No money is lost through the cracks.

4.  We give you an impeccable finish.

You get a perfectly finished product. All you need to do is freeze the material and the looks. Your wardrobe will get assembled in front of you out of the factory-made parts crafted as per your choice. Your wardrobe looks as classy as your fashion sense in apparel and accessories.

wardrobe give you an impeccable finish

5. We give you a 5 years warranty.

As with most of our furniture, we offer an unbeatable 5 years warranty. Your shelves get freedom from breakage or bending. You can use your wardrobe as you plan to without worrying about the quality of the materials. Even the laminates and panels are of Durian brand and are of superior quality.

6. We offer safe materials.

Our materials are moisture-resistant, fire-retardant, durable, and sturdy. Your investment in a Durian modular wardrobe is a safe investment for the long term.

7. We offer you options to suit your taste.

From the style of doors to the colours, material and finish of your wardrobe you decide what goes well with your décor. You’ll be impressed with the combination you arrive at after exploring all options.

8. We bring you the best of European expertise meant for Indian homes.

Your wardrobe is made from the finest of raw material from Europe. We use it to suit usage in Indian homes: as per the average height and the unique kind of apparel worn here. Because saris, kurtas, sherwanis, lehengas, blazers, and dhotis need different storage space.

We bring you the best of european expertise meant for Indian homes

9. We offer quick delivery.

Having a carpenter make a wardrobe in your own premises can inconvenience you a lot by messing up your place with dust and the noise of hammering, drilling, and sawing.

Durian’s modular wardrobe gets ready miles away from your home and delivered to you within 60 days.

Walk into a Durian store today to find a perfect wardrobe for you. Or ask for a virtual consultation. And get started on your journey to reorganize your belongings.