It must have occurred to you that the furniture you like at first sight often overshoot your budget while those that fit in your expenses may not satisfy you enough. You bargain to stretch your favorite furniture, say a type of door, down to your limit but a reputed brand would reason why that won’t be possible. 

A door is cost-effective or expensive depending upon the budgetary constraints of the customer. There are two categories that fix the price of a door, namely production cost and profit margin. Production cost involves different types of technology, labour, design, and procurement of raw materials. Similarly, profit margin depends upon the brand value and product quality. 

You as a customer have two options to choose from. You either decide to control the entire production process by supervising over every process personally. Or, you choose your favourite design and pass it on to a reputed furniture brand to do their job.


As India is still a price-sensitive market, customers tend to choose the former. They decide to break down the process of building that furniture by staying personally involved throughout, starting from raw material procurement to labour and design. Let’s find out if at all this process benefits you as a customer financially or if it saves your time.

When you are the boss

Let’s say you don’t like a brand to work independently on your assignment for the fear of the undesirable outcome. So, in case of doors, you ask your carpenter to take up the job.

Unless you are in the furniture industry, you wouldn’t have sound knowledge of the kind of wood or their species that suit your décor the most. You’ll seek advice from the carpenter and he/she will advise you considering labour and the payment to the wood supplier. You lose but think that you are winning.


Timber: You may have premium quality timber but don’t know how to clean it. You can’t lay raw material like that idle in your storage room and so you seek your carpenter’s advice who in turn may think of his profit and buy inferior equipment to clean your timber.

Delivery: Few carpenters really stick to their words when it comes to the delivery of complete furniture. Many would work half-way and stall the project indefinitely, causing harassment to customers.

But you won’t have anyone else to help you at that moment, since your entire investment is dependent on the absentee carpenter’s decision. The ordeal continues with the person polishing your furniture after your carpenter completes the task.

When a furniture brand takes over

Durian has a legacy spanning 4 decades as a furniture brand specializing in wood and leather. When it comes to doors, the following are the perks a customer enjoys when s/he relies on Durian to deliver the best doors ever:

      1. Reducing the need for architects: Architects are after their commissions which they get by acting as the middleman between the raw material supplier and the end consumer. Durian, being a direct-to-retail brand, cuts this expense and delivers doors at a much more competitive price range.

      2. Builder-friendly facilities: Durian being a completely backward integrated company provides raw materials at competitive prices to the builders. Besides, it fast-tracks the installation process so that builders don’t burn their pockets by paying interest against bank loans for longer periods.



      3. Certified products: All of Durian’s products are stamped with 9 internationally renowned certificates of assurance including SEDEX, ISI, and ISO.

      4. Secure process: Even if you are renovating your apartment, you’d require carpenters to stay inside and rework your main entrance while your apartment is being used by your family daily. Durian’s modular doors relieve you of this concern by installing ready-made premium fit doors in just a short while.

      5. Warranty: Each of Durian’s products come with a 10-year-warranty, thus giving you, the user, peace of mind.


Thus, it is necessary for you as a buyer to analyze your budget and consider these costs while deciding to buy or build a door from scratch. Let us know about your experiences in door building or buying.