With the marathon lockdown underway, our home is our only travel destination. From living room to bedroom and bedroom to kitchen…that’s our journey for most of the day.

How about sprucing up the living room with an amazing sofa set?

Now that we spend all of our time at home, be it working from home or managing household chores, a sofa would be great furniture to add to the home aesthetics.

Not just aesthetics but the utility factor of sofas also counts as they are essential for a comfortable experience at home. They prove to be an essential investment looking at the current times.

Exploring Sofas

Let’s go deeper into the types of sofas in order to help you decide which kind you wish to buy.

According to the upholstery, Sofas come in three varieties:

  1. Leather
  2. Premium Leatherette
  3. Fabric

Let’s look at each of these in detail.

  1. Leather Sofas

Leather sofas are not just luxurious, but they also age beautifully. All the creases add character and vintage look to the sofa. The older it is, the better it generally is.

leather-sofa by Durian Furniture

  1. Premium Leatherette Sofas

Leatherette sofas contain the best of fabric sofas and leather sofas. Apart from being dust and termite-proof, these sofas are easy to clean and maintain. They are fade and stain-resistant as well.


  1. Fabric Sofa

Fabric sofas come with a variety of options as they are plenty of fabrics available. They give a contemporary look owing to multiple choices of colours and patterns. Fabric sofas are economical too.


Now that you know the types and features of Sofas, let’s look at the reasons why sofas would be the best investment right now.

  1. Maximum Time at Home

Since we are all spending maximum time at home due to the lockdown, you can consider adding a sofa to your living room. It’s essential to have a proper seating while working or doing other sedentary activities.

  1. Making Home Comfortable

Sofas add to the comfort in the living room as they are cozy and plush. So it’s advisable to invest in your comfort to avoid backaches after sitting for long hours.

  1. Low Maintenance Saving Time

If you buy the right sofas like leatherette ones which are low on maintenance, you won’t have to spend loads of time cleaning them! as it’s easy to clean them. Most sofas are stain-resistant making them easy to manage. It saves a lot of time as cleaning up is not an uphill task.

  1. Hygienic – a Special Requirement now after Covid-19

Hygiene and sanitation are crucial, especially in the current scenario wherein the entire world is hygiene-conscious. Sofas from reputed brands have the following features to check hygiene:

  1. Anti-Microbial Upholstery
  2. Protection from Pathogens & germs
  3. Fade Resistant & Anti Peel Upholstery
  1. Warranty

Buying a sofa is a long-term investment so you must consider the warranty period of the sofa as well as its upholstery. The best of brands provide a minimum warranty of five years including upholstery.

All the above factors justify the fact that it’s best to invest in a sofa at the moment. If you wish to check out some sofas offered by Durian, please visit www.durian.in.