Don’t settle for a readymade wardrobe if it does not cater to your requirement! Spend some time thinking about what you want for your bedroom or any room and get a wardrobe truly customized to your room size.

These 4 creative ideas will help you design a unique wardrobe and save you a lot of money too – money that you might have otherwise spent on a wardrobe that you otherwise don’t need! You’ll also save a lot of space especially if yours is a compact room.

1. Wardrobe with study/work desk
Homes are now expanding to incorporate school-from-home and work-from-home lifestyles. How about designing a wardrobe that creatively uses the wall space while also using the shelves and drawers as a part of your desk?


2. Wardrobe with space for a worship corner
Normally, people require a shelf space with drawers to designate it as a worship corner. How about using a section of the wardrobe wall as an open space to create a worship corner?

3. Wardrobe with display shelves
Imagine a wardrobe doubling up as a bookshelf or a showcase too! With open shelves or sections of shelves with glass doors, your wardrobe can easily turn into a multipurpose piece to accommodate all your storage needs.


4. Wardrobe around an entertainment unit
A TV unit is not an uncommon thing in most bedrooms. And a wardrobe is a necessity. But you do not have to choose between the two if you have only one clean wall to spare! Manage your wall space in a manner that your storage gets organized around the TV area.

Good interiors are less about style than how you use style to meet all your needs as per your resources.

Wardrobes are a functional necessity. They are meant to accommodate your belongings. But can also reimagine them to create a great space for all your non-wardrobe belongings as well! These 4 ideas are a starting point for you to think outside the box.

Maybe you have a different need that you would like your wardrobe to accommodate. What more do you think your wardrobe should do for you? Share your question. We will get back with an idea and an inspiration too!