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Tag: Living Room

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How to Select the Best Recliner That Lets You Relax Luxuriously

Recliners are loved for all the coziness and relaxation they provide to the users all over the world. These are unique pieces of furniture that look like sofas but transport you to a bed-like ambience. Once you curl into them, you just don’t feel like coming off them. There are so many varieties of recliners out […]

3min read
Feb 23, 2021

5 Reasons You Need A Durian Recliner Right Now

This is why you should have Durian Recliners at home or at office.

3min read
Feb 15, 2017
Living Room Styles

Top 5 Living Room Styles For A Cozy Winter

Winter brings with it the vibe of freshness and pleasantness. The weariness of summer and mushy monsoons make way for the cool and comfortable winter. Most people prefer to style their living rooms especially to suit the winter vibe. If you’re looking to ramp up your living room, here’s a quick list of trends of […]

3min read
Nov 22, 2021

5 Ideas for Your Modern Living Room That Will Give Your Home a Premium Look

You want to give a makeover to your living room because as you spend more time at home you want your surroundings to look good, organized and arranged as per good taste.  What stops most people from achieving what they want is that they see too many options. Moreover, not all people want to seek […]

4min read
Jan 2, 2021
Leather sofa seater set enahnces the beauty of living room

How to find the best sofa for your home online?

The demand for online shopping has surged currently, considering the lockdown situation. We cannot go out and shop before the lockdown ceases. Staying at home will be more comfortable with an essential piece of furniture – a sofa. How about finding the best sofa for your home online? Shop hopping is not possible right now […]

4min read
Aug 8, 2020

7 Spectacular sofas from Durian’s big fat sale, at a special price.

There’s a good 60% off on many of the products, isn’t that exciting?

4min read
Jan 24, 2017
Leather Sofa Set For Living Room

Leather sofas that add warmth to your living rooms

Choose leather sofas for a perfect looking house!

4min read
Apr 2, 2018

How to Buy a Sofa That Lasts Really Long

Have you noticed that the sofas undergo a lot of wear and tear – in fact, more than the bed at times? That’s because the sofa set is used more frequently and by more people. You may not invite visitors to the kitchen or the bedroom but you surely let them rest on the sofa. A sofa […]

4min read
May 13, 2020
Best Quality Recliner

What defines the best quality Recliner Chairs?

Best quality recliner chairs to give you a comfortable place to relax.

3min read
Nov 10, 2017

4 Famous Looks to Inspire the Décor of Your Living Room

Having some company over soon? Or moving into a new house? Need at least your living room to look presentable while you take care of all the other rooms gradually? Worry not. Here are living rooms of famous TV shows that you can get inspired by and recreate in your own living room. Friends: Monica […]

3min read
Apr 24, 2021