If you love a vintage feel to your everyday space, you would love leather sofas and they’re worth every penny you spend on them. 

If you already own a leather sofa or are planning to buy one, you’ve got to ensure that you know a few things about maintaining leather sofas. Taking care of just a few things will ensure that your prized possession will keep making your living room feel classic as well as luxurious.

Leather needs a bit of care and pampering to keep it fresh and young. And all of it is really simple if you take basic care.

However, some people complain that despite all the care they take of their leather furniture, their sofas begin to fade.

That’s because there are certain precautions that one must take in order to protect leather furniture. Without these precautions, any kind of maintenance regime is not going to help. You don’t merely clean the sofa – you also must actively stop doing certain things that are harming your precious leather throne.

one seater leather Sofa

Here are 6 things that you must stop doing right now to make sure your sofa continues to look young and fresh:

1. Using ordinary cleansers for cleaning: 

Using a mild soap or alcohol for stains is fine. But leather needs more care. Use good quality leather conditioners to keep the leather soft to touch, young and shiny.


2. Keeping leather sofas near sources of extreme temperature: 

Do not keep them near windows with direct sunlight, air conditioners, and heaters. Place your leather furniture away from such sources of extreme temperatures.

3. Not being careful with pets around the sofa: 

If you have any pets, try to keep them away from the sofa. Or place a towel or similarly thick furnishing on the sofa if they are sitting around with you.

4. Not changing cushions: 

If possible, switch the seat and back cushions on a regular basis to extend the life of your cushions and to ensure even wear over the years & clean them


5. Not checking for maintenance beyond the upholstery: 

Leather sofa is not just about the leather alone. Pay attention to its overall structure. Make sure the legs are fitted tightly to the sofa and check them on a regular basis.

6. Having misguided notions about leather: 

Finally, stop thinking that leather should look the same irrespective of its age. Leather is not plastic! Expect that leather looks aged as it ages. And that’s how it looks better with the sofa turning out to be a mini classic in your home.

Taking care of these 6 things will help you take better care of your leather sofas. If you love your leather sofa, it’ll love you back by letting you relax comfortably and giving you an amazing seating experience.

What are your tips for good care of leather sofas? How do you take care of yours?