Maintaining a proper posture during long working hours is crucial to avoid health problems that may arise from sitting in an incorrect position for extended periods. Back pain and spinal dysfunction are becoming increasingly common among office workers and people who have a desk jobs. Thus, it is essential to carefully consider the chair we use for our workspace to ensure that it provides adequate support and helps us maintain good posture throughout the day. 

Let’s discuss some of the best designs for office chairs and which one should you choose according to your needs. 

Ergonomic chairs

Durian Define High Back Mesh Office Office Chair

The term ergonomic refers to the study of people’s efficiency in their working environment. The chairs that are ergonomically designed are made to optimise the efficiency of the person. It is designed to provide the occupant with features that help them maintain a proper posture for long periods while working. It comes loaded with features such as an adjustable headrest, backrest, seat height, handrest and lumbar support. The seats and backrests are moulded to fit the occupant better. Often the chairs have a revolving feature, a swivel feature and a five-point wheelbase to allow additional comfort and movement. 

Mesh-back chairs

Durian Nature High Back Mesh Office Chair

The mesh back chairs have a backrest that is made of highly breathable mesh fabric to allow proper ventilation and help maintain body temperature. This type of chair is very comfortable in places with humid or hot weather. These chairs are lightweight and thus make them easy to move. 

Leather chairs

Durian Berlin Leather Director's Chair

Leather office chairs exude a natural charm and elegance, but it is not always ideal for long working hours. It is not the best choice for hot and humid weather as it might make the occupant uneasy. In cold environments, leather chairs can add luxury and can be used for director’s chairs or executive chairs. 

Cantilever Chairs 

Durian Craze Leatherette Cantilever Chair

The cantilever chair is a brilliant fusion of design and engineering. It appears to hover effortlessly in the air, with support on only one parallel, yet it can bear heavy weight and is very sturdy. This masterpiece of furniture design has a sleek, minimalist look with complex construction. Cantilever chairs are composed of a single piece of metal tube, shaped into a curve that creates a graceful arch and acts as the backrest and the base of the chair. Its weightless looks result in an elegant and versatile piece of furniture that can blend seamlessly into any setting, from the minimalist to the luxurious. These chairs can be a great addition to the visitors/waiting area of an office. 

These are some of the most popular office chairs, but the range of office chairs is wide. It offers office chairs that suit everybody and mind along with the style of your workplace.