Once you have sanitation measures in place in your office, you’ll need to work towards maintaining social distancing in office premises too.

Just as there are measures for sanitation, there are also measures founders, CEOs, and leaders can take to ensure that social distancing is being followed in the office.

When you resume office after the lockdown is lifted, you can call for a meeting to explain what you have in mind.

To help you get started, we’ve come up with 2 broad areas you can work on: one relates to maintaining social distancing among team members, and the other relates to maintaining social distancing when you have visitors in the office.


Let’s approach them one by one.


1.  Social distancing among team members:

a. Ask everyone to maintain a distance of more than one meter from others during interactions.

b. Remind people to avoid handshakes, and greet others with a namaste instead.

How to maintain social distancing in the office


c. Have a provision for the visitors to remain seated in the designated meeting room. Have a provision for helping team members maintain social distancing among the visitors.

d. Keep tea in visible areas. Request all to adopt a system of self-service and maintain social distancing at the same time.

e. Hold meetings in the meeting rooms filling them up to 50% capacity only.

f. Put up reminders for all to maintain a distance of at least one meter among them at all times in the canteen.

g. Ask all to throw their biowaste, masks, gloves and disposable in the dedicated bio bin in the pantry.

h. Print documents only for essential requirements.



2.  Social Distancing While Having Visitors in Office

(Office Visitors, Cleaners, Maintenance, Service Visitors etc)

a. Urge visitors to come on an appointment basis and inform at the reception about their arrival.

b. Request your visitors to have the Arogya Setu app downloaded and properly activated.

c. Allow only essential visitors to enter. Use video conferencing as far as possible.

d. Help the visitors sanitise their hands at the entrance.

Please use this hand santizier before entering


e. Provide visitors with gloves and face masks, if they are not wearing these.

f.  Provide maintenance visitors with shoe covers at the entrance.

g.  Ask the visitors to sanitize their hands after wearing gloves and face masks.

h. Have a provision to check the visitors’ body temperature with a laser gun thermometer. If any symptoms of cold, cough or fever are found, inform the respective person to whom he/she has come to visit.

A woman is checking the body temperature of the visitors


i.  Ask the receptionist/ salesperson to take the visitors’ details and to request the visitor to sign the form.

j.  Ask the visitors to sanitize their hands after signing the form.

k. Put up reminders for all to maintain social distance at the entrance or reception area.

l.  Ask visitors to be seated in the designated conference room.

m. Ensure that any goods coming in and going out are sprayed with disinfectants.

n.  Restrict the receipt of couriers to only essential items.

o.  Keep water bottles (at room temperature) will be kept at one dedicated place.

p.  Ensure that the area & the product that will be serviced are disinfected after the visitors or the maintenance service people leave.


We hope these lists make your transition to the office after lockdown easy. Let us know about the things you are following you are office.