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Durian pouffes

Pouffe, A Versatile Must-Have For Modern Homes

Marked by a playful spirit for its soft textures, different shapes, vibrant hues, and charming silhouettes, pouffes make a versatile addition to modern Indian homes. Multifunctional, practical, and modern, it effortlessly enhances every corner of your home. Embrace this stylish new addition and transform your space with its versatility and charm. At Durian, we believe […]

5min read
May 21, 2024
Durian Charlotte grey fluted side table

Elevate Your Living Room with Stylish Side Tables

Elevate your living room with stylish side tables that offer both functionality and flair. From minimalist designs to rustic charm, there’s a perfect side table to suit every style preference. Discover captivating ideas to inspire your creativity and breathe new life into your living space. Explore our range of side tables and transform your living room into a haven of style and sophistication.

5min read
Apr 30, 2024
Durian Furniture Perry Sofa

Trends in Modern Sofa Sets in 2024: Embracing Style and Sustainability

This blog has explored the top trends in modern sofa sets, and we hope you can take advantage of these ideas to create your own unique living space.

6min read
Mar 20, 2024
Durian Denise Natural stone coffee table with metal fluting.

Latest Center Table Design Tips For Your Home

This article explores the latest center table designs that are sure to add a touch of class to your living area.

4min read
Mar 18, 2024
Durian Lawson Leather L-shaped Sofa, Left Hand Chaise

Attractive Modern Sofa Designs for Your Living Room

This article provides a brief overview of the modern sofa designs available in the market. It highlights some of the alluring choices available and how they can enhance the aesthetic and comfort of your living room.

8min read
Mar 6, 2024
How to Create an Ergonomic Space to Work from Home for Better Focus

Home Office: Creating a Productive and Stylish Workspace

Whether you have a dedicated room or a small corner, here are some valuable tips and ideas to help you create an inspiring home office.

3min read
Jul 24, 2023
Durian Furniture Venessa Marble top two-tone Coffee table

Beautiful Coffee Table Designs to Improve Home Décor

Explore a wide array of beautiful coffee table designs to bring style and sophistication to your living space.

4min read
Jul 15, 2023
Redesign The Look Of Your Home Like An Interior Expert With 7 Simple Ideas

Redesign The Look Of Your Home Like An Interior Expert With 7 Simple Ideas

Moving into a new home or designing it afresh? Wanna make creative use of your new furniture or create a new look with your old one? The trickiest part would be arranging the furniture to make it generate a sense of order and harmony. These 7 ideas would be able to help you redesign your home […]

4min read
Apr 29, 2021

4 Famous Looks to Inspire the Décor of Your Living Room

Having some company over soon? Or moving into a new house? Need at least your living room to look presentable while you take care of all the other rooms gradually? Worry not. Here are living rooms of famous TV shows that you can get inspired by and recreate in your own living room. Friends: Monica […]

3min read
Apr 24, 2021
3 Inspiring Bedroom Collections That Add Luxury to Your Décor With Wardrobes

3 Inspiring Bedroom Collections That Add Luxury to Your Décor With Wardrobes

Wardrobes can add to the beauty of your décor. If you get matching/complementing wardrobes for the bed you want to purchase, you’ll spare yourself the trouble of making one more decision regarding getting the right wardrobe. Here are 3 ideas for you to check out how getting the entire bedroom collection with wardrobes complementing your bed […]

3min read
Jan 28, 2021