Mr. Manoj Kumar, working as the senior section engineer at central railways has been one of our long serving customers. The last time we met him, we got a chance to know more about why he picked us as brand.

Here’s what he had to say:

What made you pick Durian over the other brands?

“We knew that it is different from other Brands.”

One of the things that played a vital role in his initial thoughts about Durian, was the fact that he felt like it was nothing like what the competitors had to offer. The way he looked at it, Durian was the only one with a legacy and has been in the market for the longest time.

Which project did you work with us on and were you satisfied with our work?

“We had taken furniture for our Nirmal Park Officers Quarters, Mumbai Central and we were very satisfied & in future also we will work together.”

We provided our services to Mr.Manoj for the Central Railways office located in Mumbai Central, which turned out to be a great experience for us and was glad we could help with what was precisely needed. Mr. Manoj and his team were really happy with what we had to offer and mentioned that they would look forward to work with us in the future. A satisfied customer – to us, that’s another day at the office.

What difference did our furniture make to your office?

“The Look changed completely after placing Durian furniture”

According to Mr. Manoj, Durian furniture completely changed the look and brought life into their office. He never thought that furniture could make such a huge difference to an environment.

How did you come across us?

“We were always aware of Durian through Newspaper Ads.”

The newspaper ads are what caught his attention the most and he often liked the way the furniture was displayed regardless of the fact that if it was home or office furniture.

 What do you like about Durian?

“Luxurious look & durability is better than any other Brand & mechanical fittings are of highly superior quality.”

When asked to describe what he liked about Durian and what according to him made us different from the others, Mr. Manoj was specific and told us about the durability and elegance that gives the furniture a luxurious look. He said that it was the little things like the quality of mechanical fittings that impressed him the most which made all the difference.

That was Mr. Manoj’s experience with Durian. We’re glad that he and his team are happy with our products and we eagerly look forward to working with them again.