In the old days before the lockdown and the pandemic, delivery was a rather straightforward affair.

You booked an item, took care of payments, and we simultaneously got our delivery staff ready to deliver to you.
However, now the situation has changed.

We’ve brought in a new mechanism to ensure we take extra care before we deliver the product to you.
As part of our zero-contact delivery plan, we bring to you our new pre-delivery interaction process.

Our team will now be getting in touch with you before turning up for delivery. We’ll ask you a few things before we proceed towards your home or delivery site.
This blog will familiarize you with the new interaction protocol. Take a look.

Pre-delivery Interaction Protocol:

1. You’ll be called prior to installation. Our sales staff will ask you the following questions:

a. Is anyone in your home/sit unwell or showing symptoms? If yes, the delivery will be postponed.
b. Is the society or area or complex or site in a containment zone? If yes, the delivery will be postponed.
c. Is the society or building permitting outsiders? If not, the delivery will be postponed.

Pre delivery interaction protocol

2. You’ll also be called and explained the process of installation. You’ll also be advised about the following:

a. Please maintain distance from the Durian team at all times.
b. Please try and empty the room that the Durian team will be fitting the furniture in.
c. Please ask all members of the house/office/sit to maintain a safe distance from the Durian team.
d. Kindly ensure all the permissions to enter the building/society/site are taken beforehand itself.
e. Please inform the store/salesperson if any paperwork is needed by the Durian team in advance.

3. We’ll also be sending you a video of the product being sanitised.

4. We’ll also be sending you the details (via WhatsApp) of the delivery team visiting you, including names and temperature.

5. We’ll also share the bill copy in advance (where possible by email) so that you can check it in advance.

6. You’ll also get SOP delivery and any further guidelines we may have put in place for delivering to your area.

Your product is safe with us. We’ll hand it over to you only after we’ve taken care of all security measures.

Let us know what else we could do to improve our pre-delivery interaction with you.