In India, an average employee sits in his work chair for more than 3,000 hours a year. With the number of hours spent in an office chair, it is really important for an employer to buy an office chair that won’t hurt his/her employees. To help you decide which chair would be perfect for your employees, follow the buying guide and your decision will become easier.

Shop by Type

With a variety of chairs available in the market, you can easily get confused so as to which chair to buy. You can decide which chair is perfect by knowing the significance of that chair. So, always do your research before you make a decision?

Office Chair Collection

When you spend most of your day sitting in your office chair, it is extremely important that you have just the correct one. A correct office chair won’t give back pains and neck strains, as it will be easily adjustable to your sitting position. Always check the material and the back positioning of the chair before buying it.

Office Chair

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Workspace Chairs 

A workspace chair is a chair that specially designed for office workers who have to sit for long hours. A chair that has a backrest which is moulded to conform to the natural curvature of the spine for optimum ergonomics and lumbar support. This type of chair confirms maximum comfort.

Workspace Chairs

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Executive Chairs 

A chair that is available in high and medium height backrest, is a chair you should consider buying. Executive chair doesn’t just help you with the right backrest, it also helps you with full-swing chair mechanism. This chair promises you absolute comfort on your days of stress and pressure.

Executive Chairs

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Shop by Material 

With a variety of materials like mesh, fabric, nylon, leather, leatherette, etc. available at your disposal, selecting one can be a little overwhelming. Before picking a material, you must answer questions like – How will it feel on your skin? How comfortable is it? How durable is it?


A fabric-based office chair can provide you with a lot of options when it comes to colour, size, patterns and backrest. If all these options aren’t enough, then you can go for different types of fabrics and textures. So, go ahead and buy this simple and easy to maintain chair.

Office Chair Fabric

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A leather chair doesn’t just provide comfort, it is also stylish looking. Responsibly sourced, our leather upholstery is treated meticulously to meet highest standards. Made from 100% natural hide, this upholstery grows with you, adapts to you. If you are a lover of leather, then you should definitely choose a leather-based chair.

Leather Chair

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Premium Leatherette

Leatherette is an eco-friendly, easy to maintain material that has all the natural aesthetic & features of real leather. Choose from a variety of simple yet functional colours and patterns for a truly customizable piece of Premium Leatherette chair.

Premium Leatherette Chairs

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Shop by Smart Furniture

When you are chair shopping, it is extremely important that you know why picking a chair that has appropriate backrest is significant.

Low Back Chairs 

The high back chairs are built to offer support to your lower back. The backrest on this chair is usually quite small and will flex backwards and forward while you are sitting. The entire backrest is designed to be a type of lumbar support. This type of chair is perfect if you have lower back problems.

Low Back Office Chairs

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Medium Back Chairs 

A medium back chair doesn’t just support your mid-back, it also supports your lower back as well as the shoulder blade part of your back so that you can lean back in them without straining your neck. A chair that takes such good care of your back is a must, isn’t it?

Medium Back Office Chairs

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High Back Chairs

The high back chairs usually provide more personalized features than the low back and medium back chairs. The headrest on high back chairs provides support for your upper back by allowing you to relax your neck whenever you want to. With so many benefits, you can definitely count on this high back chair.

High Back Office Chairs

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Shop by Style

When it comes to style, variety is the spice of life! You can choose from contemporary, modern, vintage and imperial styles. Depending on your taste, you can choose any one of these and they will look pretty amazing in your office.

Vintage & Imperial Chairs

Vintage and Imperial chairs bring the maturity and seriousness to your office space. Along with comfort and softness, vintage chairs mean business. If you want to add a bit of uniqueness to your office, a vintage chair is always a good choice.

Vintage & Imperial Office Chairs

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Contemporary Chairs

A contemporary styled chair comes with a variety of choices in terms of size, colour, texture, and look. If you are looking to add some funk to your office, contemporary chairs are the way to go.

Contemporary Office Chairs

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Ergonomic Chairs

When you are working for more than 8 hours a day sitting in a chair, ergonomic chair is a not a luxury, it is a necessity. Ergonomic chairs helps in improving productivity at work. It also supports your spine and lower back, keeps your joints and tissues in a natural and neutral position. Ergonomic chairs come with a well padded seat and back, has adjustable seat height, adjustable armrests, adjustable backrest, lumbar support, sturdiness and stability.
At the end of it, make sure you buy an ergonomic chair for maximum productivity and minimum stress.

Ergonomic Office Chairs

With so many options of office chairs that give you comfort in the times of stress, which one would you like to buy? Come over to your nearest Durian store or visit